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We are looking for a good fish mongers in the centre of Brussels. Can anyone help please?

started by: Frites 'n' Mayo · last update: 1422292424 · posted: 1420798514

Can anyone recommend a good Moroccan restaurant in the city centre that caters for vegetarins?

started by: lnitsa · last update: 1418729619 · posted: 1418659935

hi all - anyone seen philadelphia cream cheese sold in block form (not the spreadable philadelphia).  When living in Munich there were 1 or 2 shops that had it, but in 3 years I"ve not run across it here in Bxl. thanks ! - eleni  

started by: TayaTreats · last update: 1418659731 · posted: 1414332088

hidoes anyone know of a place (other than Casa, Hema, and Blokker) where i can by Wilton tools, gel fondant colors, cake stands, boards ...etc.thank you in advance. 

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1418052881 · posted: 1417185425

Does anyone know where I will be able to buy a Quorn roast for Christmas? I used to eat it in the UK each Xmas but haven't seen it here yet...

started by: Pierogi · last update: 1413573520 · posted: 1412007423

Do you know where I can go to buy non run-of-the-mill bottled beers? Thanks in advance!

started by: elgenio87 · last update: 1407329891 · posted: 1407329891

I have been trying to find turkey mince in Brussels, but have not been able to find any in the supermarkets.  Can anybody possibly suggest where they might recommend buying turkey mince? I have tried at Del Haize and at the Jack O'Shea butcher. Many thanks in advance.  

started by: anna2-74619 · last update: 1402070321 · posted: 1401888249

Do you have any recommendations for city centre organic supermarkets? I haven't been in Brussels long so I don't know Belgian brands so well as of yet!

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1394643980 · posted: 1393417519

Does anyone know of an organic vegetable basket service in the Ixelles area please? I heard about the initiative only recently and would like to give it a try.

started by: kzwita · last update: 1394023636 · posted: 1392491309

Hi Users, I am new to Brussels, from India originally. I am unknown of what all baby foods are available in market for my 9-12 months old baby boy. Please reply. Urgent !

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1393252882 · posted: 1392904941

Does anyone know of a small holding farmer with fresh free range eggs for sale? Somewhere around Ixelles would be perfect!

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1387659399 · posted: 1387287543

Does anyone know where I can buy mincemeat for filling mince pies?

started by: lnitsa · last update: 1387361549 · posted: 1387358919

hi all -  Am looking for creme de menthe for holiday baking.  We have a large Delhaize nearby with creme de cassis and other "cremes" but they looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for creme de menthe :-) Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Happy holidays to all ! - eleni 

started by: lnitsa · last update: 1387358796 · posted: 1387358796

Hi -  Am looking for Philadelphia cream cheese in the non-spreadable, "brick" form that Americans use in baking - or suggestions on a good substitution. I lived in Munich for 10 years and could only find it in a couple of department stores' food section... I have yet to locate a Brussels source ! Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all ! - eleni 

started by: LizzyB-75246 · last update: 1385651123 · posted: 1385314554

I have heard Brussels is famous for its french fries and we will be coming for a weekend in December. Can anyone recommend to me their very favourite frites kiosk?

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1385314476 · posted: 1385314476

Does anyone know of a vintage style tea room in Brussels? I am organising a hen party and the bride to be loves that sort of thing. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy either of these two in Brussels please?

started by: Bob-132492 · last update: 1381009401 · posted: 1380642487

I've got 12 bottles of Green's Gluten Free Beer that I want to give away. Hate seeing waste.  I got them as samples (they're still well in date) but have decided not to stock them.  I don't want them personally so... You'll need to pick them up from me (if 2 or 3 people want them then I'll share them out) or arrange to meet me in Uccle.  If no-one wants them, they're down the drain on Saturday.  

started by: sunshine1-924701 · last update: 1380660729 · posted: 1380283457

Chocoholic, yes, that's me, I am addicted to the stuff - even more so since I came to live in Brussels - can't walk past a Leonidas or Godiva without popping in for a sneaky praline or two, but which is the best chocolatier in Brussels ... in my quest for perfection (I think I'm pretty close to being there) I just wondered if I am missing a trick - is there anyone to surpass these two Meisters?

started by: Bob-132492 · last update: 1378153548 · posted: 1377520778

I have quite a few back issues of Good Food (Jan 2010 - Aug 2011) and Olive (March 2010 - April 2013) to give away altogether or in several lots if more than 1 person is interested (roughly 6 month blocks). Obviously good for cooks, but possibly for school projects, English classes and surgeries etc. frequented by Anglophones. I'm sure you may have other uses in mind. If you're interested, mail me at bob2158@deliciously587different.be , ignoring the 2158 and 587. You'll probably have to pick them from me either Friday pm at Grez-Doiceau market or Saturday pm at Nethen market but who knows what might fit..

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