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Does anyone know of a Yum Cha restaurant in Brussels? Do you know the type... where they wheel around a trolley of delicious dumplings and other authentic chinese dishes ( some steamed and some fried). Its mainly just during the day and you go there for brunch/lunch. I have tried to search via google, and nothing comes up.  Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.....  

started by: Anu-130517 · last update: 1369686618 · posted: 1369682126

HI, I would like to learn about places or restaurants where they allow to hire the venue once a month to hold a Sri Lankan food promotion. In other words, I provide the food and I need someone to provide the venue so the earnings could be shared..... Thanks much for any ideas!

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1369425502 · posted: 1369332760

I'm looking for some novelty alcohol free Belgian beers for a girl's night to which several pregnant friends are invited. Any suggestions?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1369072008 · posted: 1368727715

I would like to find an authentic and not overly priced Italian deli. Any idaes?

started by: kerryk-133674 · last update: 1366730024 · posted: 1366654425

Hi, Well this weekend I thought I would make some Chocolate, I think I will carry on buying it.

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1366224076 · posted: 1366052033

I'd like to find a producer who makes up organic baskets of fruit and vegetables depending on the season. Any ideas?

started by: barryb-133679 · last update: 1365010383 · posted: 1364900235

Is there any English Fish and chip places around please.

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1364404801 · posted: 1363954302

My sister is coming out to visit for Easter and I'd like to buy her an Easter egg but as she is a vegan she doesn't consume milk products. Do you happen to know where I can find her a vegan chocolate egg in Brussels?

started by: mrs.chimney · last update: 1363253057 · posted: 1362987890

Has anyone spotted somewhere where I can buy sushi ingredients in Brussels?

started by: verbena-894416 · last update: 1362733384 · posted: 1362556732

Have been reading a bit about the primal diet/lifestyle recently and like the look of it - does anyone follow this diet? How does it work for you?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1362518084 · posted: 1362504352

Can anyone tell me where I can buy whole Brazils in their shells?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1359970112 · posted: 1359402786

I would like to try removing gluten from my diet, can anyone recommed a store selling a good variety of gluten free breads, pastas, etc? Thanks for your help.

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1357548566 · posted: 1357548566

I have a large tub of mince meat left over from my mince pie making and it is set to go off before next Christmas! Would anybody like it to avoid me throwing it away?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1356875899 · posted: 1356092754

I don't have time to make my own mince pies this year. Can anone tell me where I can buy some?

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great night good beer, according to friends.....

started by: kerryk-133674 · last update: 1355478328 · posted: 1355331628

Hello Chaps and Ladies, great day at an unmarket place a must visit fab food.  L'Ultime Atome  

started by: barryb-133679 · last update: 1355331464 · posted: 1355331464

Hi, just thought i would share my excellent visit with the wife to The Music Village. jazz  music fab.

started by: susanday · last update: 1353617146 · posted: 1353439060

Hi, looking at going to a great steak houes please post if you know where i could go. Thanks.

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1353403562 · posted: 1352823048

I need to start thinking about stocking up on Thanksgiving foods but I'm not sure if I will be able to find any here in Brussels. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

started by: Sonic-128381 · last update: 1353403423 · posted: 1353079403

I am looking for Farine Complète Francine or simiilar  whole grain flour in Brussels, as it disapeared from Colruyt, Delhaize ann Carrefour in my neighborhood (WSP/Oudergem). Need it for my diet. Thanks for any info.

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