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I am going to a bbq on Friday night. The hostess is a great cook and I wanted to surprise her with a lovely summer pudding, a new take on the classic tiramisu could be good or somehting else. Thanks for your suggestions.

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I have heard there is a place in Brussels where you can experience dining in total darkness, if anyone has anyone heard of it or have any details for me I would be very grateful

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy this? I am fed up of poor quality supermarket stuff and need to find something a bit special for a party I am catering for this weekend. Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone heard about the Brussels High-Tea?I've recieved an forward e-mail from my friends, she talks about the Hight Tea in centre of Brussels, but I've checked their site it seems like an special event, but anyway I'll visit that bar to pass a layback afternoon there, their menu sounds interesting.Here's the link of that bar: http://www.rainbowhouse.be/spip.php?article692Sarah

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Can we trust Belgian organic produce? Is there a particular organic label I should look out for?

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I have never attempted cooking the Belgian national dish of moules frites and would like to give it a go. Not sure how to go about cooking the mussels however. Can anyone give me a few pointers?

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We are looking for a caterer for our wedding this summer. Must be able to do modern canapés such as sushi and the like. Please let me know if you have a recommendation.

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Does anyone know where I can buy hot cross buns from please? The only ones I saw had already been frozen and therefore had a 4 day shelf life!

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Does anyone know of a store specialising in tea and associated articles such as Chinese tea pots and so on?

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I need some Valentine's chocolates suitable for diabetics. Where can I try?

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I am making a tikka for my boyfriend this weekend and need naans, popadums, spices and mango chutney. Where can I find all these things in Brussels?

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Does anyone know of an organic 'surprise' basket scheme in the city? I saw a documentary on TV about these and would love to give it a go and eat more organic fruit and veg.

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I don't have any visitors coming out for a while and need to replenish my supply of Yorkshire tea bags! Does anyone know where I can buy them here?

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Would love to make this traditional Belgian dish at home but don't know where to start; have never cooked mussels before. Can anyone help me out with some advice?

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We have been roped in to cooking for friends on Saturday and want to do something with tuna steaks. Can anyone give us a few ideas? Something Asian would be great

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Would appreciate the reccommendation of a really good vegetarian recipe website. any tips please

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I would like to make some Belgian desserts but apart from chocolate, don't really know what Belgians eat for pud...any suggestions?

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I want to buy flour for making pasta. What is the name of this kind of flour in French? Will the one for pizza be ok?

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Does Belgium celebrate the epiphany on the 6th with a special cake like over in France? If so what is it?

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..., a friend of ours accompanied her son, to sell at the local Christmas Village market. (Namur) Don't know if the idea was new, but they decided to change the traditional "red hot wine" to a "hot port" ! Serving both…, the Aldi port outshone the wine ! Later on in the evening and running short of port, they progressively mixed the two…, and the result apparently, was delicious ! You can buy red wine over here that's already prepared with cinnamon, sugar and all the other ingredients…, all you have to do is heat ! But if you want to sweeten it up a little without too much sugar, mix a 50/50 red wine and port. The result will be a delicious, all-winter-round warmer. Note…, most red wines used for this purpose are French and extremely acidic ! (either too young or simply bad quality…, as usual) But these cheap wines mixed with port, eliminates the acidity and creates a great outdoor Santa ambiance. PS I'm a jeweler and I don't work for Aldi !!!

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