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..., a friend of ours accompanied her son, to sell at the local Christmas Village market. (Namur) Don't know if the idea was new, but they decided to change the traditional "red hot wine" to a "hot port" ! Serving both…, the Aldi port outshone the wine ! Later on in the evening and running short of port, they progressively mixed the two…, and the result apparently, was delicious ! You can buy red wine over here that's already prepared with cinnamon, sugar and all the other ingredients…, all you have to do is heat ! But if you want to sweeten it up a little without too much sugar, mix a 50/50 red wine and port. The result will be a delicious, all-winter-round warmer. Note…, most red wines used for this purpose are French and extremely acidic ! (either too young or simply bad quality…, as usual) But these cheap wines mixed with port, eliminates the acidity and creates a great outdoor Santa ambiance. PS I'm a jeweler and I don't work for Aldi !!!

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Looking for a good and simple veggie mince pie recipe. Any suggestons gratefully received.

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Does anyone know where I can find mulled wine spice sachets?

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I know nothing about Champagne and have been invited for a Christmas party next week, to which I would like to take a bottle. Can anyone give me a recommendation? I want to spend no more than 30€

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For the last two or three years, (well before the recession) we have been comparing quality and prices between Aldi and Delhaize. Everyone knows Aldi, (as in Britain) but for those who don't know Delhaize…, this is probably one of the best shops to find up-market food stuffs. (but be careful…, much depends on the region) Aldi…, exactly one third less expansive ! But is the quality there ? Firstly…, everything paper is exactly the same ! (napkins/ paper handkerchiefs/ aluminum foil/ WC paper etc.) But the food ? A friend of mine used to work for Materne at Floreffe…, not far from Namur. http://www.materne.com/default/en-be/produits/confitures.aspx He mentioned that only one-tenth of the building is programmed for the brand name Materne…, the remainder is produced for parallel products, such as Tamari. (Tamari = Aldi…, one third less expensive) "And the quality is identical" he declares ! He should know ! Swiss biscuits…, Belsen ! Buy a "Swiss biscuit" box from Aldi and a box of Belsen…, dismantle the boxes and compare the hidden manufacturers' references. They're identical ! And I could go one, and on, and on !! To support this research…, I must mention that I'm Scottish ! J I have no pockets in my kilt so I don't have much change to give away…, especially to those who's sales-coefficient is more than dishonest ! Bonnes fêtes !

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Can anyone advise if it is OK to carry boxes of chocolates in cabin baggage? I am flying to New Zealand with boxes of Belgian Chocolates for Christmas presents. I have packed them into the bag I am carrying onto the plane, so they don't get squashed and knocked around in transit. With all the restrictions on carrying fluids, creams, gels etc, does anyone know what the rules are for chocolates?

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Anyone got ideas for a coktail for a festive party?

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Ham in Brussels is delicious but does anyone know where one could find a real joint of ham to bake?

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Can someone tell me what a fondue bourgignon is please?

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I also need to find a chocolate shop that produces diabetic chocolate for my father. Is there one in particular that specialises in this?

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I need to get my hands on some vegetarian suet for making mince pies for a Christmas do I'm having on the 4th December. Does anyone know a store I could try?

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Does anyone know where I can buy this south african tea from?

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Looking for a place in the centre that does take away cous cous and tagines. Any ideas?

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I need to start thinking about preparing a Thanksgiving meal and to do so i need to find all the American ingredients. Does anyone know if there is a store selling just US foods in Brussels?

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I bought some pumpkins reduced price and am sure that I read somewhere that you can eat the seeds- anyone know how to prepare them?

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I'd love to try making stuffed vine leaves, where can I buy them and can anyone give me a nice recipe?

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I'm trying to sort of the Christmas shopping early and have several foodie friends who just love to cook. Anyone got ideas for website or shops where i might find fun and unusual gifts for them?

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I'm studying my masters degree here in Brussels and have noticed there are NO Starbucks in the city :( I'm used to taking my books and studying in coffee shops, as it helps me focus and stops distractions... Can anyone recommend a nice relaxed place in the city centre? I live near the De Brouckere/Bourse area. If it has wifi, that would be a bonus!

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I have bought fruit and vegetables from my local supermarket recently that I wasn't satisfied with at all when I got home and opened up the packet, (mouldy grapes hidden at the bottom, etc). In the UK I would go to the customer care desk but here there never seems to be one. Can you complain in Belgium or do they not care?

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I am supposed to be cooking a Lebanese meal this weekend and have no idea where to start. Does anyone have any pointers for me? And ideas on where to go to buy products would also be appreciated

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