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I'm new to Brussels and I don't speak yet either Flemish or French but I would love to start learning French as soon as possible to fully 'fuction' in this city.Do any of you know of any language school either sponsored by the government/community centre or simply a very cheap school where to take a French language course near St. Gilles or Ixelles?I don't need something intensive, individual or very fancy I just want to be able to learn some basic French in a group.**********************************


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Thank you Catherine,

I saw that list you included but I was hoping to hear personal recommendations from people.
In England and Germany you have these language schools paid by the government which offer low cost language courses in community centres to help foreigners integrate faster to their new country.
I was wondering if such thing exists in Brussels,as I'm not an executive just someone who wants to speak/understand enough French to be able to run daily errands without resorting to English.

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I'm taking french classes at RenardLG in Brussels. The courses are great and the prices are reasonable.

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Same problem, man. Please, recommend me some options. Thanks.

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I love French, it's so romantic and beautiful! Although it is rather
difficult to teach it. I am currently in college and studying English
literature. We were given the assignment to write an essay on this discipline,
but I am not very well versed in the subject. Deadlines are running out, so I
will order this work in one cool service I would advise you to find courses,
find out the price and be sure to read the reviews. Find 5 well-reviewed
services and then kick off the price. And you can even learn the language

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