Belgian School System

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Can you tell me your impressions of the Belgian (primary) school system? We are deciding whether to send our dauther to a state or rather to a private school.


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Do you mean French Community / Flemish community schools V private fee paying schools? Depends on if you have 7-35k per year to pay for the private ones to start with.

My kids don't get a choice, low income, so they go to local schools. I'm quite happy, love the academics and the social life. 

Local schools means accepting THEIR rules and ways of doing things, private schools will cater more to individual parents, since they (or employers) are paying the salaries of the teachers.

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Thanks for your response. Do you know if special dietry requirements can be catered for in state schools? In France we had a really hard time with the primary school canteen as our children are both vegetarian. Thanks in advance.

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There are no state schools, French/Flemish/German community funded. They all run differently. It's impossible to generalize other than to say if you want your child not to eat meat, it's far easier to provide packed lunch, because it would be a rare local school which provides a vegetarian option. I work in a large school and the vegetarian option was so little used it's now available only certain days of the week. You cannot therefore expect a vegetarian to be cater in the hot lunch system in a school less than say 500 children. As I said, it's about you accepting THEIR rules and ways of doing things. I help many parents find local schools and this is what I say to them all, as it's quite an indication that when the first questions are "what can a school do to cater for my child" that either they have to change how they see schools in Belgium or they go into local schooling less than optimistically. When you start at local school, parents sign the school rules / project and they really do expect parents to respect it.

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