Moving to Bruxelles: Joys of living in Woluwe St-Pierre vs. Tervuren

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Hello all, Am totally new to this forum. I did live in Bruxelles for nearly 7 years 2001-08 and spent a student year  living in Etterbeek and later on in Ixelles and Uccle - married and had a baby at the Edith Cavell so I am not a total newbie to Bruxelles living. But things change and now with two kids 9 and nearly 5 needs change and we change. We now live in Italy where I struggled a bit as an accompanying spouse and six years on are thinking of moving to Bruxelles and sending the kids to the German School if all works out. Obviously given the traffic on the Ring and main roads the choices seem to be Tervuren and Woluwe St. Pierre. My husband likes a house with a little charachter and I like a garden with a canine of sorts in it. Access to the DSB appears to be along the Wezembeek road from St. Pierre. Let me know what the benefits are of living in one or the other. I am a bit social-crazy and would love to be able to nip out at night and also to take the public transport to the city and hanging out there. Not a recluse. Houses in tervuren look a mixed bag with some bungalows being a bit 'crazy' but the gardens look impressive. How's the burgling in that area vis WSP? What's WSP really like? Are the natives friendlier in Tervuren? Or snobbish? Don't be offended but I can't abide snobbish neighbourhoods and will avoid like the plague. The Germans by the sound of it keep to themselves..... sniff... heard so and my little contact with em in Uccle didn't prove this wrong at all. Cheers all, 


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Hi Euro Hopper, where are you living in Italy? I used to live in Perugia, it would be fun to swap notes! Have you thought of the possibility of looking for a German association or oganisation to join once you get here?

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I would recommend WB. a bit of a drive in the morning to school, but a very cool area, especially arounf Place Wierner.  


I am told that all the heavyweights on discussions on where to live in brussels hang out on mumsnet/living overseas section. 


Best of luck!!

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Thanks mrdaveJ wanna get closer to school as the test drive we did a month ago on a visit to Brussels was an eyeopener :( I liked WB and place Wiener too.... but all these places are so easy to get to in Bruxelles that the kinda house we like to eventually buy is in Tervuren or a taller town house with garden in WSP. But will add WB to immoweb search and see what it coughs up. HEHE... LOL the mumsnet i ve already subscribed to and there are unbelievable detailed opinions on where to live in Bruxelles... enjoyed reading Natation - a real pro in the advising business. Cheers for the note. 

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Hi there. I can't speak for Tervuren - don't know it, don't live there. But I've lived in WSP for 2 years now & I LOVE it. I have all amenities at walking distance (shops, public transport, etc.), the people aren't at all snobbish (I've made good friends) and there's a good range of different sized houses/gardens etc. you're easily in the centre of BXL by tram/metro. I would definitely recommend WSP. Good luck!

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Dsebbit, you've voiced the pluses I hoped I woudl find in WSP. I ve lived in Uccle and Ixelles until 2008 and had friends over there... I also felt the air was better and the streets wider than in Ixelles. You don't feel like you are about to see Ms Minchin's Academy ( The lIttle Princess by Frances H Burnett) around the corner. Seemed like a sensible area. Cheers, 

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