The Rise of Singaporeans’ Foreign Travel

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These past few years, Singaporeans saw a rise in foreign travel taking an average of 4.6 flights per person in 2018. The top for Singaporeans were Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. The leading motivator to book these trips are for rest and relaxation. Many Singaporeans have fallen in love with the idea of traveling off the beaten path by going to lesser known destinations in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mongolia. As we know, traveling to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to Singaporeans. In 2019, Kuching and Padang saw a growth in Singaporean visitors which further strengthens travel in and around ASEAN countries.For advertisers targeting Singaporean travelers heading to their holiday trips, The Perfect Media offers various strategic locations where you can market your brand at airports and ferry terminals. Our company has worked with many retail and consumer brands in the past. We have also worked with tourism boards to place advertisements at key locations around Singapore. The statistics and data shown above can give advertisers an idea on the current travel trends of Singaporeans. The information provided above can also help you with curating a successful advertising campaign to increase brand exposure, brand recall, and brand visibility.Out-of-home advertising is a very effective way for brands and tourism boards to achieve higher sales conversion, especially when these travelers have the budget to spend while on their trips. Brands can advertise at Singapore Changi Airport’s Departure Halls so that Singaporean travelers have an idea of brands that they can interact with when they reach their destination abroad. Meanwhile, advertisements placed at Arrival Halls in airports abroad are the first outdoor advertisements that travelers will encounter on their trip giving your brand a better advantage when it comes to brand recall. Advertisements placed at popular tourist destinations or high-traffic local areas have great influence in travelers’ trends and behaviors. Outdoor advertising at ferries and ferry terminals should also be taken advantage of. 

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