To communicate or Not to Communiate -That's the question?

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Shakespear talked about To BE or Not To BE. That was the question. Now, in the modern world, where we are surrounded and drowned by technology, the real question is to Communicate or not to Communicate.  Have you noticed how many people are "communicating" with their Iphones/smart phones while they are sitting in a bus or a tram or a train? Or even in a gathering? Seems like they decided its already better not to communicate with humans and better to communicate with electronics.  It's quite sad ! As the world runs on the back of humans not machines. After all, no human being to create the machine, to run the machine, to repair the machine, to receive the answers from the machine, then there will be again no machines.  All companies, all shops, all societies, all governments, all schools, all universities,... all run on and because of human beings in communication with each other.  How would our world go if we stop communicating with each other, being afraid of communicating with each other? It would be an ugly world!  What do you think?  


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I think you deserve an answer, even though it is through an electronic medium.  The answer is ‘all things in moderation’.  Personally I do not have a smartphone, I have an ‘old fashioned’ gsm and it is used 95% to communicate with my other half.  If I leave it behind at home or in the office, I don’t miss it. 

I have a colleague who talks on his iPhone in the gents’ loo at work.  I endured a bus ride this morning with a very loud woman yacking away for the entire journey.  Most of the young girls I see on the tram or the metro have their phone glued to their hands.  Take it away forcibly and they would have a nervous breakdown,  I fear for the next generation of society. 

I want to communicate at times and places of my own choosing and if it’s not convenient I will simply ignore the phone ringing. 

On the other hand, I like email.  Having long ago lost the habit of writing letters, I think email is a godsend.  You can think about what you are writing and if necessary go back and polish up before you send.  I have revived quite a number of long lost friendships through email. 

And bulletin boards like this one.  It’s interesting that you have chosen to use this board as an opportunity to share ideas rather than just information.  That’s a form of communication which would be difficult without machines.

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