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We will probably be moving to Belgium during this year, I have a 14 year old son who will attend the British School in Tervuren so I am wondering where is the best place for us to look for property to rent. I am thinking that Tervuren is probably the best for location but is there anywhere to eat out or go for a drink in the area? Any other ideas, suggestions or advice greatfully received! Thanks, Vicki


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Anywhere around brussels is a good area (foor food & entertainment). Maybe check out commuting times (both for you & your husband).

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Hi Vicky,

Welcome to Belgium - it's a fabulous country. We live in central Brussels because we enjoy living car-free and being able to walk to the supermarket, restaurants, etc. A lot of expat families love living in Tervuren so that they can have a big backyard and lots of space. If you choose to live out there, you might want to see if you can find a place next to the 39 or 44 tram lines, this will ensure that your son can get around the area without you playing chauffeur.

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I just came back living in Brussels after spending 24 years in Canada. It is kind of funny, but I am experiencing 'reversed culture shock", and completly understand the frustrations one experiences coming to live here!

My husband is a real estate agent close to Tervuren, (Woluwe St. Pierre) and has actually lived here his whole life. I love the area and would certainly recommend it.

There are a lot of restaurants/pubs around, but we often take the metro into town, that takes us in 12 min. to downtown Brussels. No hassle with parking...drinking and driving... if late, we take a taxi home for 15 euro!

if you'll need a hairdresser:

I managed a hairdressing salon in Brussels for 15 years before moving to Ottawa, Canada, where I did the same for 24 years. Back in Brussels now.
I miss the social contact and have started to work a bit from home again, as I had some former clients, knowing that I was back in Brussels asking if I would do their hair again. (lol...after 24 years)

Specialist in cuts and high/low lights. Very reasonable prices for prime quality.


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Thanks for the replies, we have taken the plunge and will be moving at the end of August. We have taken a house on the Tervuren/Vossom border about 1 mile from BSB. I am now faced with the various issues involved with setting up home in another country. We have some huge windows which I will need to find curtains for ASAP, not to mention clear glass windows in both bathrooms - anyone have any ideas how we can sort this out either from UK for immediately on arriving in Belgium?

p.s. I will definitely need a hairdresser but I'm not sure where you are in relation to Tervuren?



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live in Woluwe-ST.-Pierre, 15 min. from Tervuren, actually parallel with the Ave. Tervuren, where I can take the tram 44 to Tervuren. You choose a beautiful area to live...

I used to make my curtains myself, but found out when I came to live here that the store 'Heytens" will make them for free. So, this is what I did, I had them custom made. Had to wait a few weeks though.

Problem is, that you need exact measurements. There are places like Ikea, Casa, Blokker, where you can buy curtain panels in different lengths for quite cheap. Maybe that might be a solution for a while, to cover some of the most "needing privacy" windows?

good luck,


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hi viki

the montegomry area is the best for u , so u r quite near all (school, city centre , rest.and hairdresser ; )..

anyways i have apprt for rent all around brussels even furnished one , u can e mail me if u want .sharbelshamii@hotmail.com

good luck

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Hello Vicki,

I too live in the Vossem/Tervuren area. I can take you to a wonderful english speaking resale shop that has all the curtains and supplies you will need to set up your home in August. The cost is at a fraction then you will pay at euro prices.

I can give you my email and phone number when you arrive.

Stef(anya) Vossem, Brussels

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Hi Stef, thanks for your reply, that sounds like a great place. I will definitely be in touch when we arrive in Belgium w/c 29th August. My e-mail address is vicki.wilde.vjw@gmail.com.

I look forward to meeting you later this month.

Best wishes,


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Vicki, this is 3 years on since the last post and am curious to see how your experience of living in Tervuren may help us. We lived in Uccle and Ixelles for 6 years before moving away from Belgium and now think of returning as my husband (German) would like to work from the Bruxelles offices and our kids could go to the less expensive German school accessible from Tervuren in Wezembeek. We would rent first and asap buy in the neighbourhoods of tervuren ( if we opt for the garden, dog and detached house living option) or for Woluwe saint-pierre as it is closest to the German school. Any advice in Tervuren living is welcome as I am a bit of a party and theatre animal and would like to go often to the centre for refreshment ;=)

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