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If a letter with a TBC stamp is posted in a BPost postbox, is there any chance that it be delivered? Many thanks.

started by: Hank D R · last update: 1445265267 · posted: 1444824185

Do they have a TK MAXX or equivalent store in Belgium?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1443707144 · posted: 1443707144

I am looking for an Oktoberfest style German hat. Does anyone know where I can buy one from please?

started by: EU lady · last update: 1443551976 · posted: 1441214203

Hi everyone, I wonder if you know where I can rent a violin? My niece wants to perform a piece at my daughter's birthday party in 2 weeks but can't bring her own violin by plane. Any suggestions?

started by: waffling on · last update: 1440438218 · posted: 1439389204

My old Mac Book has finally died after 7 years of loyal service! I'd like to dispose of it in an environmentally-conscious manner. Can anyone tell me where I can take it please?

started by: EU lady · last update: 1439311476 · posted: 1438177439

I have discovered the jewellery of Monica Vinader online and I would like to see it first hand before choosing some pieces. Can anyone tell me of a stockists in Brussels please?

started by: waffling on · last update: 1437488041 · posted: 1436442290

I would like to do a masters degree in interpreting and translation. Does anyone know of a good course in Brussels please?

started by: Serbanus · last update: 1436917701 · posted: 1436917701

I have bought a shuttle bus ticket from Brussels Midi to Charleroi airport which is valid any time for the day of Saturday 25 July 2015. I have to cancel my trip and would like to resell it. I have bought it for 14euros and would like to resell it for 10 euros. Please let me know if you are interested. Many thanks serban

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1436545133 · posted: 1436545133

Do you know of a store which buys luxury watches please? I have an old Gucci watch I'd like to sell. THanks for your help.

started by: K. Armstrong · last update: 1436442239 · posted: 1436442239

We would like to escape the city for a few days and stay in a nice countryside guest house. Can anyone recommend something no more than one hour's drive from Ixelles? Thanks in advance!

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1435249220 · posted: 1434390367

I would like to improve my spoken Russian. Is there anyone out there who would like to do a conversation exchange with me?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1435247243 · posted: 1421501073

Does anyone know of a community centre offering cheap group French lessons please?

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1433523031 · posted: 1433523031

We have been invited to a Gala evening but I don't have anything appropriate to wear (nor does my partner!) Do you know of a place offering formal evening wear hire pelase?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1433179360 · posted: 1431450471

Hi, I am looking for a recommendation for an architect to design my future home. Must speak English. Any ideas?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1432391832 · posted: 1431450391

Does anyone know if there is a Havaiana store in central Brussels please?

started by: Anu-130517 · last update: 1431989732 · posted: 1431989732

Hi,  I’m developing a project on eco friendly, ethically manufactured, socially responsible ans sustainable slow fashion line.  I would like to speak to any journalists or bloggers about it.   Can anyone help me with it?  Thank you.         

started by: Uccle Mom · last update: 1430928343 · posted: 1430928343

I would like my daughter to attend a fun English clubon Saturdays and perhaps during the holidays. She is 6. Any ideas please?

started by: Bailey-1002336 · last update: 1429548294 · posted: 1427972518

Hi all, I am trying to find an intensive French course in August to take - I have a month off from work and would really like to invest in learning the language better. Does anyone know of an intensive August course in Brussels that isn't Alliance Francaise or CLL (both of these are too expensive for my budget). I am hoping to take at least 4 weeks of classes M-F and only pay around 400 euros if possible! Thanks for letting me know if you know of anything! 

started by: jacky-76508 · last update: 1429199017 · posted: 1429199017

I will be coming to Brussels for work at the start of July and I need to choose a reasonably priced hotel (around 120€) in the area of my choice. Can anyone give me a recommendation? I won't have a car so I need to be quite central.

started by: Frites 'n' Mayo · last update: 1429017152 · posted: 1428603327

I need to book an interpreter for a stand I am preparing at a trade fair. Can anyone recomend a reputable interpreting agency please?

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