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I currently live in Brussels and have a digital decoder supplied by Coditel. I will shortly move to a new commune which is served by Telenet. Does anyone know if the decoder I have already will work with Telenet or whether I need to purchase a new one form them ?

started by: Victoria-123351 · last update: 1186067634 · posted: 1185876258

Does anyone know a reliable jewellers in Brussels to get a diamond ring cleaned? I know you can get it done in Antwerp but there has to be one in the Brussels area surely.

started by: Johan-123516 · last update: 1185441453 · posted: 1185274769

We would like to go away asap for a week in any sunny place. Anybody have an idea where to go?

started by: Victoria-123351 · last update: 1185437175 · posted: 1185274568

Does anyone know where I can order a big quantity of ice cubes? I know I can make them myself but I have a small freezer. Thanks for any info.

started by: littlevegan · last update: 1185436785 · posted: 1185139608

Hi There, I am moving to Brussels next week and I am a vegan. I was wondering if anyone knew any good vegan-friendly places/shops/restaurants? Also - can anyone recommend the best place to get veg and tofu etc in the Etterbeek commune (that is where I have rented a flat). I am coming from Toronto (where we have an almost silly variety of vegan options at our finger tips) and I have heard that I will have a difficult time eating vegan in Brussels - so any help would be very appreciated. Thanks so much!

started by: Johan-123516 · last update: 1185278688 · posted: 1184072773

Can anyone recommend a good home sitting service?

started by: littlevegan · last update: 1185204356 · posted: 1185139827

Can you make some suggestions as to some potential spots to meet people? I am making this move alone, and although I will have a wide colleague base to draw from when making new friends I am quite interested in making friends outside of work. Are their adult sports leagues? Book Clubs? Theatre groups? Language Exchanges? Hiking groups? Anything along these lines that you could recommend would be great. In fact - any information about Brussels, being an expat in Brussels, social groups, warnings/advice would be wonderful. Best!

started by: fredbe · last update: 1184942549 · posted: 1184933382

Can anybody tell me if the shops are open tomorrow like a normal Saturday?

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1184779598 · posted: 1184324553

Can anyone recommend a good mutual near Ixelles place? My company works with Partena but I know that Euromut can be better … Any ideas to help me out?

started by: Johan-123516 · last update: 1184319996 · posted: 1184242356

I'm looking for a nice covered playground in Brussels for my kids. Where I can watch my kids.

started by: Johan-123516 · last update: 1184176742 · posted: 1184147744

Does anybody know if the Fair of Brussels in August is safety? I would like to bring my children to this event but I did earn that South Station is not the good place to go...

started by: eve-123422 · last update: 1184147111 · posted: 1184144949

I know that Saturday 21st is the Belgium's Independence Day . I believe that stores will be closed, but do you think that the majority of restaurants and cafés will be open?

started by: eve-123422 · last update: 1183975909 · posted: 1183712241

I have seen the big public library on Mont des Arts. I was wondering who can visit it? I happened to go pass it last night and obviously it was closed. I can ask myself but just wanted to get some info whether it was going or not.

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Does anyone know of a good Sushi take out other than Sushi factory? thanks for letting me know

started by: Sandra-123353 · last update: 1182937369 · posted: 1182872891

I know that the sales start in about a week. But does anyone know if they have started the pre-sale yet? very eager to go shopping and get the best deals. Thanks.

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1182762808 · posted: 1179400565

I know that people will have their opinions here but I wanted to know what peopl think is the best coffee in the Brussels area.

started by: chicagomike · last update: 1182512001 · posted: 1182448584

Looking to go to Nice and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations how to get a cheap ticket other than off the internet.

started by: Sandra-123353 · last update: 1180613486 · posted: 1179955152

I need to get some american food for my guests and I wanted to know if there is an American shop like we have The Stonemanor.

started by: Patricia-123361 · last update: 1180519100 · posted: 1179909819

I have heard a rumour that M&S is supposed to move back to Brussels? Could someone confirm this information?

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1180081307 · posted: 1179246709

Have booked a ticket on RyanAir but did not realize that Charleroi is so far away. Does anyone know a better idea of getting there other than a taxi? Thanks for letting me know.

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