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Hello, does anyone know where I can obtain the HP ipaq h4100 series software (preferably the CD installation disc) to be able to sync my computer to the PDA/ Thanks for any useful answers.

started by: eve-123422 · last update: 1179674908 · posted: 1179154499

I am looking for a GAP shop in Brussels but do not seem to find one. Does anyone know if there is one. I have looked on their site but cannot see whether there is one or not. Have I been looking in the wrong place? Thanks for letting me know.

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1179317275 · posted: 1179246639

Are we able to take computers on a flight (ryanair) that the security will not take? I know there was a problem awhile ago with taking electronics.

started by: Sandra-123353 · last update: 1179081657 · posted: 1178825243

Does anyone know where to have a good English breakfast in the Brussels area.

started by: Victoria-123351 · last update: 1178702604 · posted: 1178650100

Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a Palm m130 Sync Charger Usb. Thanks for letting me know.

started by: Patrick-123354 · last update: 1178643972 · posted: 1178358883

Can anyone recommend a good shop to buy a computer. I am looking at something that my son can play games on. Second hand computer would be fine. Nothing hi-tech. He is still young. Thanks.

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Hello dose anyone Know if the 6 day is being held this year ? thanks for any info Steven

started by: silver rain-123390 · last update: 1178528551 · posted: 1178199901

where the best place to live and to work ?

started by: fredbe · last update: 1178527852 · posted: 1177146974

A bit of a silly question but is english food easily accessible in the Brussels area. I will be moving to Brussels shortly but just wanted to know if I can still get my fix of english foods. I am referring to sausages, HP sauce and beer. I will most likely find it silly once I move there but I just wanted to have some idea. Thanks for any sensible answers.

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Does anyone know where you can get beer kits in or around Brussels? I've tried a lot of the local beers and would like to have a go at brewing my own. Thanks :-)

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Where can I take French lessons in the Brussels area? Do you think that French is more useful or Dutch in Brussels or is that a sensitive subject?

started by: William-123360 · last update: 1174673945 · posted: 1174569225

Does anyone know where I can buy a dvd burner in the Brussels area? What are the best electronic shops.

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What do students do in Brussels over the Easter break? Just curious as I will be here but abit lost as to what I can do.

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Hi, I need to travel back and forth to University in London several times over the next few months. Is there anyone who is regularly travelling to and from the UK that would like to share travel?

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can anyone tell me if the Kortrijk smile day is an annual event I was there when they had such an event a few years ago and have never forgotten it. The locals said it was to cheer everyone up because it rained so much, thay also had piped music in the streets all the time I was there, seemed a bit strange at first but you soon got used to it.

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