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Having taken 15 years career break  to bring up a family I need to update my computer skills.  (Excel, Word & Powerpoint).  Does anyone know how I can do this in English?  I can't pay "company /corporate rates "  Thanks ! 

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Hi I'm going to be in Brussels soon making a series of short films with young people. I'd like to know if there are any photo/repro/copyshops in the city where I can have a jigsaw made from a jpeg or other photo file at fairly short motice. Can anyone advise? I'm a stranger to the city so any help with precise address would be much appreciated. Will be based in Anderlecht btw. TIA for any advance Martin

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Hello all, Am totally new to this forum. I did live in Bruxelles for nearly 7 years 2001-08 and spent a student year  living in Etterbeek and later on in Ixelles and Uccle - married and had a baby at the Edith Cavell so I am not a total newbie to Bruxelles living. But things change and now with two kids 9 and nearly 5 needs change and we change. We now live in Italy where I struggled a bit as an accompanying spouse and six years on are thinking of moving to Bruxelles and sending the kids to the German School if all works out. Obviously given the traffic on the Ring and main roads the choices seem to be Tervuren and Woluwe St. Pierre. My husband likes a house with a little charachter and I like a garden with a canine of sorts in it. Access to the DSB appears to be along the Wezembeek road from St. Pierre. Let me know what the benefits are of living in one or the other. I am a bit social-crazy and would love to be able to nip out at night and also to take the public transport to the city and hanging out there. Not a recluse. Houses in tervuren look a mixed bag with some bungalows being a bit 'crazy' but the gardens look impressive. How's the burgling in that area vis WSP? What's WSP really like? Are the natives friendlier in Tervuren? Or snobbish? Don't be offended but I can't abide snobbish neighbourhoods and will avoid like the plague. The Germans by the sound of it keep to themselves..... sniff... heard so and my little contact with em in Uccle didn't prove this wrong at all. Cheers all, 

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We will probably be moving to Belgium during this year, I have a 14 year old son who will attend the British School in Tervuren so I am wondering where is the best place for us to look for property to rent. I am thinking that Tervuren is probably the best for location but is there anywhere to eat out or go for a drink in the area? Any other ideas, suggestions or advice greatfully received! Thanks, Vicki

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Hi everyone. I am considering opening an English style tea room in Brussels centre. As residents, do you think this style of place would go down well?

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Hi -- can anyone give a tip on where to buy "affordable" berries (particularly raspberries and blueberries) in or around central Brussels?   I'm beginning to feel like my father with these sorts of complaints, but seriously, almost €4 for 100g of raspberries at my local Carrefour/Delhaize?   Jeez.  Any tips v welcome, thanks.

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Does anyone know of a company in central Brussels that rents out baby car seats and other items?

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Is anyone driving from Brussels to Amsterdam this July (any day)? I need to go to visit a friend and would be happy to share fuel costs!

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Hello, Hope you all doing fine. Guys i need help! Whoever knows of a school that provide French lesson over the weekend-Saturday to be precise, please just let me know. I can not believe am failing to get the time to learn French. Currently, i am working 5 days with 2 kids so it is tricky getting any time during the week. I am waiting, T

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I have come on holiday to Brussels with all the wrong clothes! Does it usually rain so much in June or am I just unlucky?

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I am looking to purchase a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the Netherlands or Belgium.  I speak a little Dutch and some French but would prefer to communicate in English.  Can anyone recommend a reliable, trustworthy, dealer who would be prepared to communicate in English.  Anywhere in the Netherlands or Belgium would be OK, it does not have to be in Amsterdam or Brussels. Thanks.

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Awful news about the shootings in Sablon at the Jewish museum! Do we know if the forth person injured is going to make it?

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Can you tell me your impressions of the Belgian (primary) school system? We are deciding whether to send our dauther to a state or rather to a private school.

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I am coming to Brussels next weekend with my partner to mark our one year anniversary. Can residents of the city advise me on sights and resaurants not to be missed please?

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I would like to take a tour of the Commission buildings. Does anyone know if this is possible. I would preferably like an English speaking guide too.

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My wife dropped my Iphone 5 on the floor on Saturday and the screen smashed, (the phone is still working thank god!). The Apple store are asking for 150 Euros. Does anyone know where I can have it repaired more cheaply?

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My mum wants to come out for 2 months to give me a hand with my new baby. We would therefore like to find her a studio apartment to rent in the Ixelles area. Any offers woule be gratefully considered.

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ADK-KASTING is seeking for a long feature directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet with Ron Pearlman, Ruppert Green and Robert Sheehan: - an ENGLISH or AMERICAN NATIVE man (around 18- 50) for different characters. (long hair, beard, hefty, tattooed .... are welcome) Shooting in Brussels between 12th of may and the end of june Interested? Please contact adk-kasting at info@adk-kasting.com  

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Shakespear talked about To BE or Not To BE. That was the question. Now, in the modern world, where we are surrounded and drowned by technology, the real question is to Communicate or not to Communicate.  Have you noticed how many people are "communicating" with their Iphones/smart phones while they are sitting in a bus or a tram or a train? Or even in a gathering? Seems like they decided its already better not to communicate with humans and better to communicate with electronics.  It's quite sad ! As the world runs on the back of humans not machines. After all, no human being to create the machine, to run the machine, to repair the machine, to receive the answers from the machine, then there will be again no machines.  All companies, all shops, all societies, all governments, all schools, all universities,... all run on and because of human beings in communication with each other.  How would our world go if we stop communicating with each other, being afraid of communicating with each other? It would be an ugly world!  What do you think?  

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I have only moved to brussels a couple of weeks. I received an undelivered post notice and I have no idea how to recover the package. There doesn't seem to be any way to pick it up from an office, it asks me to have it sent again but I cannot be in the house during working hours. Does anyone know how to get an undelivered package?

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