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I keep receiving a nuisance call from a blocked number. Does anyone know what I can do to stop them?

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Hi, I had to cancel my trip from airport Charleroi from 21 - 23.03.14. Because of that I have return ticket to Brussels Charleroi, for which I paid 28Eur and I would sell it for 20Eur. If anyone is interested please let me know.

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Has anyone seen any daffodil plants for sale in central Brussels? I don't have a car so I can't get to th eout of town garden centres. Thanks for your help.

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Hi We are planning to move from France to Brussels around 17 February and need some short term accommodation for at least a month or two. There is my husband (a journalist) and I (mother/Personal Assistant) and our 3 year old daughter.  We are from New Zealand and have been living in France for nearly 1 year but are now relocating to live and work in Brussels.  All accommodatons options considered. I am also wanting to know if it is possible to enrol children in school halfway through the school year.  Our daughter (4 in May) has been attending a French school since September and we would like her to continue on in Brussels. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks Serena

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Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of bright and colourful welly boots please? I am in central Brussels.

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Hi there, I am a life coach who recently graduated from Stonebridge associated colleges and I would like to gain more practice by coaching for free. Life coaching, if you are not yet familiar with it, is about learning skills that enable you to get more from life and live according to your full potential. I accompany you through the process and empower you in whatever area you wish. E.g. career coaching, time management coaching, personal life coaching. I believe in the win-win outcome of my inquiry for both parties :) The sessions I offer would be done through skype. Please check my website here:

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My alarm has gone off and I need a call out for someone to come and help fix it. Does any one have any contact numbers, for a Sunday!!! Thanks

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Hello Everybody ! I would like to take french lessons in January. I found a lot of offers from french teachers on the Internet, but I don't know how to pick one... Schools also offers tutoring, but it's really expensive !  Is there someone who had a good experience ? Could you recommend me someone efficient and pleasant ? Thank you !

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I found a very nice watch yesterday on the road in Woluwe St Pierre. I'd like to put an ad in the local paper but don't know where to begin. Can you help me? Thanks.

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Does anyone know where I can buy Furoshiki fabric squares for wrapping Christmas gifts in Brussels please?

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Hello everybody ! I would like to take private lessons in french (or in a very small group) in January. I'm very basic level. Do you have any advice or recommandation ? I found a lot of schools and private teachers on the Internet, but there are too many and I know that some of them don't have any training in teaching french for foreigners. Schools also offers tutoring but the prices are really high (50€ for 1h at Alliance française !!!) Thank you for your help !

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Hello! My partner and I want to get a real Christmas tree, but have a few questions: 1. Does anyone know where to get them? Preferably in Ixelles. 2. We don't have a car, can we take a tree on public transit? thanks!

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Hallo all, I am looking for someone who could help me with english. Preferably Sterrebeek, Wezembeek Oppem,Zaventem. Not only for summer.

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I have an old lap top I need to dispose of. Is there a specific place to take this type of waste in Brussels please?

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Hello, can anyone recommend a financial in/near Brussels who has experience with British expats? Need help around savings, investments etc. thanks

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I am getting married in December in a low-key town hall affair. I'd like a really classy knee length dress that i can use again without it looking too much like a wedding gown. Any suggestions on shops i can try in Brussels? I don't think there's any point going to a wedding dress shop.

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Can anyone suggest a good dentist in Brussels or surrounding areas.

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I have been asked to plan a weekend in Belgium for a group of friends - 6-8 people. We live in Berlin and will be travelling by train. Initially we decided on Bruges as one of us has seen the film 'In Bruges' and is keen to visit the city, but the rest of us are a bit concerned that there won't be much to do there. Can anyone offer any advice - is it practical to visit both over the same weekend or are we better sticking to our original plan just to visit Brussels?

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Which is the best brewery tour to go on?

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Hello, can anyone recommend a good piano teacher in Brussels? Thanks, Anna  

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