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I am looking for advice on investing money in a savings account I can have regular access to. I want to put a sum aside for the future, but would like to get the best return I can without tying my money up for years and years!

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Anyone know of a good website for creating your own website - I've looked at Joomla but it seems to complicated!

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Does anyone know if the Queen Extravaganza  is coming to Brussels? 

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All, Expat Time is ING's quarterly magazine published for its top 20.000 English speaking expatriate clients. Each issue concentrates on a different facet of business life in Belgium, featuring an in-depth interview with a prominent expatriate and profiles of four other expatriates. Also included are articles on lifestyle activities within Belgium and the Benelux region. We are currently conducting a survey about the magazine to gather feedback on what readers think of the magazine so that it may continue to improve in the future.  If you are already a reader of Expat Time, please follow this link to the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BLVFFPC If you are not yet familiar with Expat Time, please follow this link to read the most recent issue: https://www.ing.be/en/expats/pages/expatmagazine.aspx?WT.ac=hp_expats_spotlight_expatmagazine Many thanks in advance for your input, The ING Belgium Expat team

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Can anyone recommend somewhere with a nice function room suitable for up to 30 people?

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I bought some gorgeous sandals earlier this year in Italy but I have snapped the heel clean off. Anyone know where I can get them repaired properly? 

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Hi, I have been offered a short term contract to work in Brussels on a one year project but I wondered how easy it easy to live outside the city and commute daily. Having lived in Berlin for the past 4 years it would be nice to be somewhere a bit more rural and I wondered if it's possible in Belgium Thanks

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Hi, just had notification that BBC1 /2, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 will be lost by mid October via Sky box and 80cm dish - have to upgrade to 1.8m dish to continue to receive these channels. Can anyone confirm this is definitely the case?

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We are planing to visit to Brussels for a city break and are looking for a hotel during our stay. If possible we'd like a family room (2 adults and 2 children) or 2 rooms, somewhere within walking distance of the Grand Place and other amenities. I don't want to end up in a dingy B&B though (but can't afford 5* prices!) - can anyone recommend anywhere suitable please?

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Am I doing something wrong with my digital radio - it retunes itself constantly and the sound quality is not that good? It's a small Sony so I expected it to be ok. I was going to treat myself to a Roberts retro radio, but I am not convinced about the digital radio sound. Has anyone else had any problems with them?

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i have a question - if i want to make a complaint/appeal against a case, how do i do this please? does anyone know or been in similar situation? All info received is highly appreciated.   Thanks.

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Does anyone know if there is an English speaking book club here? Nothing too highbrow - more a social event with a bit of book discussing thrown in?

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Which is the best place to buy formals suits for men (cheap ofcourse).  Thanks for any help.

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Hi, we are relocating to Brussels this summer and are just starting to look at houses, etc. We have a 2 yr old and a big dog, so would love somewhere close to parks, forests, etc... However, we don´t know the areas at all, so any hints or recommendations would really be appreciated! We will have to commute daily to thye European Quarter, so good connections are essential. Thanks ever so much!

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Hello All, I've been in Belgium a few years now and have never bothered to get mutual cover. I'm quite young, fit and always couldn't find the motivation to go through a load of Belgian bureaucracy as I didnt know how long i'd be here.  Anyways, it's come to the point where I think i'll finally do it, however before I get down to it. Has anyone been in this position and can verify. Will they try to charge me back the years I have been working here (Never used any health care at all) ?   I would be grateful for advice.   Thanks

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Hi all, Just wondering is November 11th a public holiday/ non-working day?? Ive just started working in the european parliament and they dont list it as a day off, yet, if my memory serves me right, its a non-working day here. Can anyone shine any light on this??

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Are there any websites for holiday bargains, last minute holidays, cheap hotels, etc.? Something like holidaypirates but perhaps specific for departures from Belgium? I'm desperately looking for somewhere to go to the seaside in just a couple of weeks..Thank you! :)

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What is the best and cheapest way to get to the airport from down town Brussels please?

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Hi, Does anyone here find Featured Classifieds 'a powerful (and extremely cost-effective) way to reach AngloINFO Brussels's large and active user base'. Just wondered...

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Hello,  Where can I find travel adapter (plugs)  for Indian appliances so that it can be used in Belgium. Thanks Uma

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