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Hi!I am in desperate need of a dentist a.s.a.p. and was wondering if anyone could recommend one in the Ixelles (Chatelain) area - I have checked the "Dentist" area on the website, but I would appreciate some help as I really am a nervous patient. Personal recommendation is always the best.Please please help!Thanks very much,Lotte

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hi there! can anyone suggest me some academies/institutions that train makeup artists? 

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contact details Alisonpaginton@yahoo.com Telephone 0033296290654 I am an honest reliableex nurse and Carer, 50 years of age, I am seeking work as a live incarer, offering holiday cover and respite care for all ages,I am availble to work asfor a few days or weeks I am flexible,I am an ex trained Sennurse, I worked for several nursing agencies and care agencies overthe past 30 years, I have had many different clients with varied Physical and mental disabilities.I am CPR/ first aidtrained, I am familiar with tube and peg feeding, incontinence, and all other aspects of the job,I have specialized withMuliple sclerosis, Alzheimers terminal diseases, cancerand autism, and worked with all age groups, Including child care andone to one child care,I My experience includescommunity care, nursing homes, respite and live in care, withnursing and care agencies agencies in the Uk, I have also had manyprivate clientsI am fully trained inMoving Handling, Health Hygiene, Medication, Pova first aid, and re took afresh up course in 2013 to meet Eu regulations and standards,I have also worked withhydrotherapy and alternitive medicine such as aromatherapy massage,I am a great cook andhave been employed as head cook plus holiday cover work, providingbalanced and healthy meals for clients with normal and special dietryneeds.My hobbies includereading, boating, and gardening I grow my own produce,I am a musician and aminvolved with music and drama associations,I love animals and onseveral jobs have looked after dogs, cats, horses, chickens and goatsso I could also be available for animal sitting, please consider me Iam open to negotiating costs, I am in need of work and goodreferences after a break of a few years . I will consider anyproposal,

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Does anyone know of a breast cancer support group for english speakers? I am doing chemo right now and would love tl chat with others in my situation. Thanks  

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I think I have got a couple of vertebra out of place. Can anyone recommend a good ostepath please. They don't need to be English speaking. Thanks.

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Hey everyone,I am bridesmaid for a friend who's coming to visit me soon. We haven't yet started any prep for the wedding but I would like to get the ball rolling and do something special while shes here.Can anyone recommend a store that offers a nice experience for trying on dresses? Or if anyone knows of particular wedding events coming up? Any other ideas to have a special day out in Brussels are also very welcome :) Thanking you!

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I would like to find a nutritionist used to working with vegans. THanks in advance. Ps they need to speak English too!

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Does anyone have a recommendation for an at-home personal trainer who speaks English or Italian please? It would need to be a lady.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a fun step class in Ixelles please?

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Hi everyone. Can you help me? I am looking for a professinal, English-speaking makeup artist for my wedding this summer. Do you have any recommendations for me?

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Does anyone know where I can buy plastic shoe covers in Brussels please? I have young puppies in foster care and I want potential adopters to wear them when coming in to visit. THanks for your help.

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Has anyone had their hair chemically straightened with one of these new systems, (Brazilian or Japanese?) If so I'd love to hear from you as I am thinking of having it done myself.

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Hello, I would very much appreciate any information about an English Speaking Alcohol Rehab centre in Brussels or if necessary anywhere else in Belgium. I've done some googling but haven't found anything yet. Thank you for your help. James

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Does anyone know of an outdoor summer yoga course I could attend in one of the city's parks for example? Thanks for your help!

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Does anyone know if it is possible to order over the coutner drugs from boots for international shipping or whether you are restricted to cosmetics?

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I am looking for an English speaking rhumatologist please fo a suspected inflammatory disease...any suggestions please?

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I am looking for a speech threapist specialising in English speaking kids. Is there any such practitioner in the city please?

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Anybody know somewhere in Brussels where a guy can get his hair cut for 10 Euros or less? Nowhere seems to charge less than 20 Euros and I'm used to paying about £6 back home! Ta.

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Hi can anyone recommend a good dentist? I live in chatlain but drive so willing to travel. thanks

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