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Hi!I am in desperate need of a dentist a.s.a.p. and was wondering if anyone could recommend one in the Ixelles (Chatelain) area - I have checked the "Dentist" area on the website, but I would appreciate some help as I really am a nervous patient. Personal recommendation is always the best.Please please help!Thanks very much,Lotte


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I have a wonderful dentist but he is in the Flemish area...Diegem, near the airport. He has a 'state of the art' surgery and very modern equipment and speaks perfect English too. Reply to this if you would like his details.

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Thank you much for replying. I don't drive so it is going to take too long to get to your fabulous dentist, but I appreciate your time.
I have walked for two hours in my area this morning and not found a single one - well, I found one but they were closed today and I need a dentist now (I have broken two teeth, and they hurt!!)
You're lucky you have such a good dentist.
Thanks again!

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Lotte, all those years ago, the first thing I learned on arriving in Belgium was the fact that the Belgians are far from being "typically" Brit ! (linguistically speaking) On the beach with my family and a 4 year old, all the kids were conversing…, whether it was in French, Flemish or English.

As such…, most adults speak English, and believe it or not, the Flemish can even speak with English dialects. Quite embarrassing for those who don't speak the local language ! I have never met someone from Flanders who does not speak English. (my philosophical reasoning concerning that fact…, I'll keep to myself)

As for the Walloons…, well, without generalizing, they're a lazy lot…, a bit like the British. (Italian hand language always gets them out of a rut !) Nonetheless, the doctor/dentist population are university intellectuals and they all speak English.

Try this…, http://pagesdor.truvo.be/search/Bruxelles/Dentistes.html

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Don't know if you found one yet but we are American,also very nervous about dental. My husband found one in downtown Stockel. When recently my husband broke a tooth he was very pleased with dentist and outcome. We thought it would be one more advised crown like it would have been at home. Dr Paul Henard 02 779 2406 next to Sorimo realty.

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for future reference it would be nice to have your info. just in case.. thanks : D

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Thanks very much for replying to my post.
I am seeing a dentist at the Scandinavian Dental Centre, but they are very very expensive compared to everyone else, so I will keep you dentist's details handy for next time.
My dental work is not completed yet, but it is too late to change just now.
Have you got the full address for your dentist as I am not quite familiar with Stokkel.
Thanks again!

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Hi Lotte

This is a late answer and you probably have found a good dentist but never know may be useful for somebody else ...

I am totally satisfyed with my dentist. English is not her mother tongue but I know she can speak a very good english as she has already a lot of foreigners as patient. The pratice is located inside the clinic of Leopold parc (Level 9 - rue Froissard between Jourdan and schouman) there is also 3 other specialist working there. The name of the doctor is Kristina Mackeviciute-Nil (you can simply say doctor Nil) and the number is 02 287 59 60.


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I can recommande you a nice and professional english speaking dentist in the European Parliament area,phone number 025142420

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I have been living in Brussels for almost 5 years now and have been very pleased with my English speaking dentist, Dr. Philippe Boone, who is located in Kraainem (very close to Stockel!). He is in a group practice with some dental specialists and he is a family dentist. My daughter and granddaughter (age 3) are also patients of his. I took my granddaughter for her first check up the other day and I was very impressed with how patient he was with her.  She, in turn,  was amazingly cooperative in terms of opening her mouth due to this. 

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Good to know, thanks for the recommendation!

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I know a " state of the art " clinic in uccle area. the dentist  is really gentle and work with the latest technology ( laser, scanner) . i went there during the week end and was really pleased with the result.

he speaks very good english as he did a P.G in NYU.

Here are his details: winston dental clinic 023450266.

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Check this site www.doctormeter.com. They have contact details and review of English-speaking doctors in Brussels.  

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