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Can any one recommend were I can buy green roofing felt for a shed just looking for about 3 mitres 

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I have various items of plus-sized clothing available for pickup from Heverlee ranging from size 42 to about size 48.  There are several smart–casual trousers and jeans and a couple of dresses and jackets that would be suitable for weddings or work.  If you have any interest, please message and I can send photos.

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I have several household items for sale due an overseas move.  The items will need to be picked up from Heverlee.  Please note that I can usually only check email during the evening.  All items are approximately 3 - 4 years old.  Candy washing machine: 150 Euros. 7 kg. Can be picked up in May.Beko dryer: 150 Euros. 7 kg. Can be picked up in May.Wardrobe / kleerkast / clothes press: 200 Euros. White, modern design, very good condition. Width: 180 cm (about 6 feet), height: 180 cm, depth: 52 cm.  Bought from Domo. Can be picked up in April or May.Cabinet: 50 Euros. White, modern design, a few little scratches. Can be picked up in April or May.  Width: 160 cm, height: 39 cm, depth: 43 cm.Mirror(s): 30 Euros. These are already boxed, so I don't have a photo, but they look like the first photo at the link. They are wavy and there are three.I also have various other items; for example, an electronic back massager that has been used once (40 Euros), various pots/containers for patio plants (10 - 30 Euros each), a base for a sun umbrella (the umbrella's insert is a little damaged by wind; you're welcome to that for free if you want it). 

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Hoping someone can provide some clarify for me.  We are moving to Brussels soon and I've narrowed our search to Uccle or Woluwe Saint Pierre.We don't want to live in Brussels city (we are in our mid forties with two small dogs).  So we want a house with a garden.I've been trying to research the shopping/bars/restaurants in both areas.  In a nutshell, I want to live somewhere that has enough shopping and bars and restaurants to keep us amazing so that we can just pop into Brussels if we feel like something different.For example for lived in London for several years, and I loved the concept that most areas had their "high streets" that had plenty of shopping/bars/restaurants, and then you could still head to London if you wanted to.Im imagining that Uccle and Woluwe Saint Pierre will be similar (but I'm sure on a smaller scale).Is this right?So if you fancy a night wine bar or restaurants, you'll have plenty to choose from?Thanks for the advice.

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Hello, I am looking to buy a place soon in Brussels with the view to renovate it. I need a lot of information as this will need a lot of work. but initially:I am looking for a recommended window supplier. English speaking Builders/plumbers/electricians or all-in-one tradesman. Also, the general concensus on whether tools and/or materials are cheaper here in Belgium or UK. I realise this is fairly vague but perhaps there is a general trend. (e.g. kitchen or bathroom suites, power tools, windows)Thanks in advanceJacob

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Hello everyone. ...the sun is just amazing :-) So I am looking for someone to be able to steam clean one of the carpets in our flat.  We e live in warve...any suggestions.  Cheers nav.  

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Hi,We are almost finishing our temporary house hunting. 2 of the best apartments cost both the same, and have everything that we need (garage, internet, furnished, etc). The best one is located at Quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels and the other one is at Avenue Louise. Quai des Péniches is close to Gare du Nord, and I have some doubts if it is a safe zone for my kids and wife.For your family what would you choose the better apartment in Quai des Péniches, or a not so good apartment in Avenue Louise?Thanks,Joaquim

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We are in desperate need of a washing machine repair person in the Ixelles area. Any ideas?

started by: EU lady · last update: 1457949851 · posted: 1454337953

I need to find a company that does made to measure furniture for a few pieces I have in mind for our living area. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

started by: waffling on · last update: 1455812805 · posted: 1454956336

a few tiles have come off our roof. Does anyone know of an English speaking roofer I can call before I start getting leakage?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1453231663 · posted: 1451486897

Can anyone recommend a plumber for an irritating leaky tap please?

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Has anyone seen or used a good tool shop in Brussels? Preferably near Evere? I am looking for some very hard drill bits to drill through an incredibly hard reinforcement in a concrete wall in our house, I think carbide drill bits are required. My good steel bits do not even scratch it! I do not think that Bricco is suitable for this kind of thing. Cheers! Nick Evere

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Could anyone please give me a link where i can advertise our home in Brittany, western France for sale ? Have website at http://fabulousbrittanyhome.fr/ and also a youtube but cannot find out here on angloinfo where it is. Wanted to have coverage across all of Belgium, not only Brussels. Thanks in advance jim

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Has anyone seen any mistletoe around yet? Or am I not likely to find it here in Belgium?

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Dear all, I am looking for an upholsterer who can renovate a sofa. Any ideas?

started by: waffling on · last update: 1446494161 · posted: 1446494161

Can anyone recommend where to buy ready to hang curtains and curtain rail/pole kit? Something in central Brussels would be great. Thanks!

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Does anyone know of a supplier of fake grass please?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a company for re-surfacing a driveway with tarmac or paving? I'm in Ixelles. Thanks!

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