Tranquillity music and sounds

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i was reading on an earlier post about tranquility CD´s, They might help me sleep, any idea where i can get some.


frazzled-124665 1219919302

I was Frazzled untill i bought some CDs online from here.

serena-124406 1220001619

You may have a point because when i go to stretch classes at my gym, at the end of the hour we do 5 mins relaxation to a relaxation tape, it REALLY works, even on insomniacs like myself!

Chom-Pol 1588143511

Hi, I don’t think you need to deal with these uncomfortable and bulky SDs. I think that you will find useful information related to good music, which may be the background. One of the best ideas is to use, a fairly good and calm selection, try it.

Jon-Sina 1589399644

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