Washing Machine

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We are in desperate need of a washing machine repair person in the Ixelles area. Any ideas?


Chom-Pol 1588825391

I can only recommend what I came across. This is an appliance repair service. I don’t know how much it will cost and terms, but I know that they are doing well. I did not repair the machine, but they repaired the refrigerator and they did it quickly and efficiently, it has been working without problems for several years, almost;)

Jiburi-Driko 1588825452

One of the best home appliance repair services that I know is refrigerator repair los angeles. They repaired my refrigerator - they replaced the motor, and it has been working for several years. I'm not sure about the prices - I haven't found out for a long time, but overall, I can say that the service was outstanding and I can recommend it.

Jon-Sina 1589399536

What about the guarantee?

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