Johnny Hallyday.

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For many years now, I have been a member of an American chat-room..., and I sent them this post today. For those of you who have not been in Belgium for a long time, perhaps you might find this interesting. Yesterday, I sent them a message and asked them all if they had ever heard of Johnny Hallyday. (I asked them not to Google !) Seven replied saying that they had never heard of him ! -------------------- I find this amusing ! When I arrived in Belgium all those years ago, I had never heard of him either..., likewise Claude François, Jacques Brel and many others. (all of them at the time, singing and making millions) Apart from Jacques Brel who sang all his own work and Claude François who occasionally wrote songs for Frank Sinatra, most were copying the British and American hit parade melodies and adapting their French interpretations. To such an extent that many of the young today believe that the French versions are the originals. And that's where Johnny Hallyday comes in ! Personally, I can't stand the sight of him ! (pretentious) Concerning the others, I suppose I shouldn't generalise as some of them were really great..., Serge Gainsburg for example and his wife Jane Birkin. Anyway, Hallyday is the French "King" of rock (born in Belgium) and he's in an artificial coma in California following a botched up operation in Paris. A friend of his operated on him, (a spinal hernia) and he needed an emergency follow-up operation by a specialist in Los Angeles, I believe. The French doctor was attacked yesterday and beaten up by two hoodies..., an incident obviously related to the operation. I only asked that question simply to see if the American public would be following the story..., but as 100% of you, (all seven) don't even know who he is, I suppose the story will pass unnoticed.


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