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We have a 9 year old Burmese male cat. He has a bladder condition that our current vet can’t seem to clear up or able to tell us what the problem is exactly. We are very worried because the meds that were recently prescribed are making him sick. I feel it’s time to take him to a specialist. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,John

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I have read a post from a while ago on this topic and how hard was to volunteer for shelters. I have a teenager at home that would love to have a dog and as would really enjoy volunteering. Kindly let know if you are aware of options or if someone would like his or her dog to be walked in the afternoon, around 4:30-5 in Ixelles. 

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Hi there! I have a plenty of free time and I love animals so I would like to be a volunteer at an animal shelter! Can you suggest me any in Ixelles area and/or where possibly at least one can speak in English (I don't speak nor understand French at all..) ? That would be nice.. Thanks!

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I have two lovely dogs that have been free roaming since they were puppies (I live on the countryside in a farm). Problem is that they tend to run and disturb the local hunting groups. Ideally, someone who has a big fenced garden would be ideal for taking care of them. I ask no money for them, just someone to give them the care they need. Contact me on 05/

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I would like to give away my donkey. She's very kind and affectionate with humans, but she's very jealous of other animals and tends to be aggressive with lambs. As I have sheep and I would like to protect them from harm. Can you provide her with a new home ? Call me on 05/

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Does anyone know of a retired guide dog looking for an adopter? We would love to take one on. Or if you know of any local guide dog schools I could call, don't hesitate to let me know!

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Does anyone know of a breeder of Russian hamsters or even a rescue association with one to adopt? Thanks!

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Does anyone know of an association where we can go to adopt a kitten please?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1447782911 · posted: 1447095192

I am going away for 3 weeks for work and i need to find someone to come in each day to look after my cat. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi, I'd be interested to know if other cat owners living in apartments vaccinate their cats or whether it is not deemed necessary for apartment cats?

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Hello, I am looking for a male and female Araucana chicken (alive!!). Does anyone know where I can get them? I am not interested in eating them so don't worry, it's just for their eggs.

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I'm new to the area and I'd like to know which are the best places for dog walking here and particuarly places where I can let my dog off his lead for a good run. THanks!

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Can anyone recommend a cat sitter who will stay in my home while I am away for a week in August? I want a "professional" with references and I don't know where to look. Thanks in advance for your suggestions! I am in Ixelles.

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Hi everyone!  My husband and I are relatively new to Brussels and have recently added a Beagle puppy to our house :)  I am keen to meet other dog owners and arrange puppy playdates/a dog walking group if anyone else is interested?  It would be great for socialising, both the dog and me! :) A bit about me - we are business owners and work from home, I am 28 and my husband is 32 and whilst I am from the UK/my husband is from Ireland we have recently moved to Brussels having travelled around Australia, Canada, South East Asia and Central America for the last 5.5 years. My husband lived in Brussels prior hence the choice so we know it well but looking to expand our network and get some great interaction for our beauitiful Beagle - Claude! :)

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Hi!im an experienced and reliable dog walker/sitter who can take care of your pet while you are at work or away!i have my own car which makes me quite flexible. I can either walk your dog during the day or take care of him during the entire day. Currently I dog walk 2 very friendly dogs so if you would like your dog to join us on long walks in the forest or around the nerby park please don't hesitate to contact me at nat.tom4@yahoo.com or 0491646698(number active September 1st 2015)! Natalia 

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I would like to adopt a senior Cairn terrier (or cross) does anyone know of one in need of a home?

started by: Uccle Mom · last update: 1434995705 · posted: 1434476491

Has anyone tried to take their cat out on a harness before? I have a cat with FIV so I can't let him out alone but I'd like him to enjoy the garden. What are your thoughts?

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I am trying to catch a stray cat in my garden and take him to be sterilised at my vets. Does anyone have an automatic trap I could borrow?

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I have just adopted a cat and I was planning on putting a collar on her with a medal when I let her out in the garden in a month. However I have heard it can be dangerous if the cat manages to get her paw stuck though it. Any recommendations from cat owners? Do the identification benefits outweigh the dangers?

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