Black Stuff in Ears

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Our bull terrier is suffering with her ears at the moment. They are full of black gunge which smells and seems to itch her a lot. Does anyone know what this infection is called?


flyby 1251736379

The black smelly stuff is a yeast infection. Dogs get this when they are having some type of allergic reaction (ears, nose, throat are all interconnected).

lilly-124479 1251795618

Thanks. And what could it be an allergic reaction to?

flyby 1251799253

It could be a reaction to wheat , try a gluten free diet.

padrushka-126045 1251810894

it could also be mites and you will need drops. a vet makes a determination

noahswife 1251882961

I recommend that you take your doggy to the vets, as you might make a misdiagnosis yourself and make the problem worse. The vet should be able to deal with it quickly and give the correct treatment.

lilly-124479 1252053831

Mites or wheat? Wow now there's a surprise; I didn't even know dog's can be gluten intollerant! Anyway will let you know what the vet says. She is shaking her head all the time, I think she is really uncomfortable with those infected ears.

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