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I need ideas on how to stop cats wanting to throw themselves off balconies! Mine has a real obsession with getting dangerously close to the edge and it is very unnerving for me. Any ideas welcomed!

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Pukka-129057 1299231720

Strong glue around the edge of the balcony?

Seriously though, I don't think you need worry unless your cat is an inexperienced kitten. Cats are pretty good at judging distances that are safe for them to jump, your moggie is probably just curious.

serena-124406 1299267752

It's just that i have heard of two cats that "fell" off balconies and broke legs and I am scared mine is going to do the same!

saffy-124396 1299521805

Have you thought of putting up a kind of meshing or wicker barrier against the balcony so he doesn't go through the barriers?

oscar-130276 1299580243

Or even plexiglass so the cat can still enjoy watching the birds?

serena-124406 1299580285

All good ideas. I wonder where I can get a length of plexiglass from. Any ideas?

Pukka-129057 1299751787

I bet one of the big Bricos would have it.

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