Collar or Not?

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I have just adopted a cat and I was planning on putting a collar on her with a medal when I let her out in the garden in a month. However I have heard it can be dangerous if the cat manages to get her paw stuck though it. Any recommendations from cat owners? Do the identification benefits outweigh the dangers?

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That is such a tricky one. But I too have seen some really nasty injuries when I worked as a vet nurse in the UK. If the cat is tatood in the ear people can see he or she belongs to someone I suppose even though the ink is not always legible...

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I wish someone would invent another way of showing that the cat is owned by someone, such as a little 'earing' or something...! Thanks for your reply Lily, I am still mulling the thing over.

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Yes I'm sure there is a market for a new visual identification aid. Did you know that when stray cats are sterilised the vet 'clips' a triangle out of one of their ears...its so useful.

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