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I would love to allow my dog to go for a cool off in the river but I'm not sure if they are clean enough. Can anyone allay my fears please?


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We let our spaniel in the Zenne river and it looks quite clean. There are even big fish in there so it can't be that bad.

vero-127928 1277461663

South of the city I hope!
North of the city it's a biological hazard area.

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Is it really that bad?? Why isn't somehting being done to clean it up in that case?

Brusselsrower 1277741470

The big water purification centre in the North of the city is supposed to clean it up (I had a guided tour of it a couple of months ago - fragrant!) so things are a lot better than they were but it's still not fully functional and overspills of sewage still occur. Once you get a bit beyond Vilvoorde it's not too bad and it's a decent cycle route from there to the merger of the Zenne and the Dijle into the Rupel.

serena-124406 1277756299

How did you manage to get a guided tour? In any case thanks for the info. I will keep my dog out!

Brusselsrower 1277808204

It was organised by Cordination Senne

They do (did) a series of monthly visits to individual parts of the Senne with expert commentary and Q/A, then a hosted coffee (or something stronger) afterwards. They were on Tuesday afternoons and I think the last one is today – the Senne at Anderlecht.

I went to the water-treatment one because it’s right by my rowing club whom I persuaded to host the drinks afterwards. I would like to have done more but it would mean taking time off. Maybe they will repeat it next year. If you’re interested in the history and geography of the region it’s very informative.

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It sounds it! Thanks for the link.

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