Fish Going Belly Up

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Last night we lost 2 of our fish and on Saturday we lost 2 as well. Can any other acquarium owner suggest why this is happening? My boyfriend says it is because I have been feeding them too much...


frankie-124310 1253175519

Feeding too much can definetly kill them, could anything have gotten into the way for example fly spray as this will kill them also.

scalatinks-127554 1253369612


Have you painted the room (or near it) - we made this mistake a few years ago and lost all our fish within 3 days. Good luck!

lilly-124479 1253559862

Have you added any new species recently? I know of one species which produces a bacteria which kills other fish.

serena-124406 1253559906

And what breed is that please Lilly? No we havn't painted the's very strange.

lilly-124479 1253606585

Can't think of the name off hand but it is a very flat variety, it begins with an 's'. Will try to find the name for you.

millymolly-124623 1253696072

I have had someone sell me plants for my fishtank before- all my fish started dieing a couple of days after putting it in. Turned out the plant was poisonous to fish!

saffy-124396 1253731284

Were they proper acquarium plants?

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