Fleas on the dog

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We have used all the regular stuff but no good poor mutt is feed up and we needa solution thats kind to his skin


saffy-124396 1251466301

Have you tried Frontline? It's the one I have always used on my dogs and is very effective.

nellie-125332 1251884449

Spot On is supposed to be very good. Also you could try brushing teatree oil through his coat.

millymolly-124623 1251970238

Ask your vet- our dog is allergic to flea bites and the vet gave us something to help get rid of the fleas and soothe his skin.

Lotte-128274 1253284083

I use the "Billy No Mates" product from Serendipty Herbals in England and it is brilliant. It is a mix of herbs you mix in your dogs food. Takes a little while to work, but you will get a result. Have used it for 2 years now and I can honestly say that I haven't noticed a flea on the dog ...or in the house since. Hope it works for you too. Their website is www.serendipityherbals.co.uk.
Good luck!

notthedoc 1253613503

Thanks for all the info, will definity give the herbal remedies a go.

millymolly-124623 1253695958

I comb lavender oil through my dogs fur, the fleas hate it.

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