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I've moved to Belgium near (Liège), and am having a heck of a time finding a supplier of good quality pet (cat) food. There seem to be lots of places in the UK, but my poor French and complete lack of Dutch seems to have me at a disadvantage when using, say, google :/Even the dedicated pet stores around here just don't carry the foods I'm looking for, all they seem to carry are the "standard" low-quality foods (from Hill's, Pedigree, Purina, etc...), but I'm looking for (what I suppose are) "specialty" diets; e.g. grain free, named protein sources, no mystery-source by-products, etc. I'm familiar with some North American brands that are relatively good, but they don't seem to be sold here! (Orijen (available from the UK though), Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, etc...)Anyone have any bright ideas? I'd be totally fine with ordering from an online supplier, but would like to find one in Belgium, or mainland Europe at least, so the shipping isn't ridiculous.Thanks in advance!


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Wow, I always thought Hills and Science Diet were top of the range! You have opened my eyes! I can only point you in the direction of places to get the latter foods: Try asking your new vet for advice perhaps.

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*lol* yeah, "pet nutrition" can get to be quite a minefield. But until we stop travelling so much, and get a big deep-freezer, and get a grinder, and and and... homemade raw is out, and pre-packaged raw is waaay too pricey, even when you can find it.

In case anyone else sees this, I did find one not-too-bad site for petty good pet food: zooplus.be. They also sell not-so-great food, but at least the options are there :) They also have sites for a number of European countries, though it sounds (from online reviews) as though everything actually ships out of Germany. But if anyone has any other resources I'd be glad to hear them...

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Thanks for the insight. I will check out that sight. You have given me 'food for thought'!!

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