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We brought our dalamtian dog to brussels from overseas two years ago. Recently with the arrival of our new baby we are being faced with the need to find him a new home. It is not fair on him as we simply cannot dedicate enough time to him anymore. It is also difficult with our baby. Can anyone provide advice regarding finding dogs new homes in Belgium. We are reluctant to resort to using a shelter.. many thanks

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lilly-124479 1280857873

Hi there. It's a rel shame that you no longer have time for your dog; I'm sure that at one time he was the centre of attention and he deserves to stay that way. Definitely avoid shelters, you have no idea if they are going to put him doen if they can't find a new owner. Isn't there a dalmation rescue in the UK that could find him a new home? There is usually one for most breeds. Then you can pay to have him flown home to his new owners. Otherwise look for a new owner on this forum; it's a good a place as any.

nellyblue 1280920520

Thanks. Yes it is an incredibly hard decision we have to make, but we really think he would be happier.. We have tried for over a year to make it work, but with increasing work committments and our baby we are also away more and more. We thought about sending him to the UK but want to try in Belgium first (we would then not need to wait 6 months for the rabies anti-bidy test). I am now trying to find a dalmatian shelter in France and/or Belgium who could assist with finding him a new home, but will also look for a suitable home on this forum.. thanks for your thoughts.

Stefanya 1283720223

Hello Folks,

Don't know if you resolved your problem with your dalmation, but I know of a wonderful shelte in Belgium that would take him and not put him down. They would re-home him and I know that for a fact.

Please contact them if you still need help. They speak French, Dutch and enough English to help you with your poochie.

Website address is: You will need a Belgian ID to adopt, but I don't know about releasing your poochie to them. You can email them or call them from their website.

GOD bless and I hope everything works out for you and your dog.

stefanya59, Belgium

Billy-130355 1289495292

Whenever I read excuses for abandoning an animal, I feel the need to post a video, called the Apology Video.

and this post on an animal rescue's Facebook page.

serena-124406 1289647028

I am sorry to say that I agree Billie. Taking on a dog or cat is taking a commitment for the animal's entire life. If you are planning to have a baby then this should be taken into consideration. Animals are not 'practice babies' that can be discarded. I really hope this dog has now found a loving home.

Stefanya 1289652618

Hey Folks,

I agree too, but there are circumstances in life where people are more important than animals.

Let's just not be to tough on those who find themselves stuggling in these types of situations beyond their control.


Stef, Dog rescuer/trainer/ lover from Texas!

nellyblue 1289654236

Interesting seeing some new messages from the time we were exploring options..

In fact we ended up flying him out to live with our inlaws in the seychelles (my wifes family is from there). So he's now with their 3 dogs, has a big garden / beach and is the leader of the pack.. So we see him regularly and will end up moving back there.

We always had his best intentions in mind and would never have abandoned

Thanks for original message Stefanya.

Serena, easy does it!

Stefanya 1289654560

You are welcome. Right is right and you did right by everyone involved with your situation. Thanks for the update. It really blessed my heart.

Have a wonderful day and never feel as though you can't ask the "tough" questions on this most excellent site.


Stefanya, Human and Dog Lover from Texas!!(hahaha)!

nellyblue 1289655480

Thankyou - in fact it's being able to talk that helps us makes decisions (its just ok to do a big circle sometimes;)

Its quite strange as this week my sister left her life of art to work in a dog refuge in Bali - after seeing the images and hearing the stories I cant help but feel guilty..


Stefanya 1289655849


Don't feel guilty. G-d calls each person to a different cause. Yours is just as worthy as your sisters.

Do what you do to the best of your ability and let G-d do the rest.

You did the right thing and you are precious in HIS sight.



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