Three Baby Gerbils

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I am trying to rehome three baby (weaned) gerbils. No cages provided. Black and tan in colour. Send me an email if interested.


lilly-124479 1278358284

We would be quite interested in taking on the gerbils for our children if you think that they will be able to coexist without fighting? I have heard that gerbils fight quite a lot?

saffy-124396 1278445349

There are 2 girls and one boy. I wouldn't say that the two boys will coexist peacefully when perhaps you consider taking the two girls off me?

lilly-124479 1278532074

Absolutely. Where can I buy all the equipment I will need and when can I come to collect them?

serena-124406 1278668281

I'd be quite happy to take remaining little boy off you if he is still available?

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