Trimming Doggy Claws

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Can I trim my dogs claws at home or do I need to take him to a vet or groomers?


Stefanya 1244664406

Hey, just buy a Pedi-Paws for about $16.00 and you can do them at home. It is painless for the animal (dog or cat) and works great. If you animal is not use to your touching their paws, start by gently holding and massaging them for a week. After that they are ready to have their claws done.

The old style clippers they use at the vet will cost you between $8 and $12, for just one clip. You can do your own with the Pedi Paws for just $16.00 a year.

I love saving money and time. Good luck to you.


serena-124406 1244666632

We always did it at home too, but it depends if the dg is nervous, you need to be careful not to cut his quicks

flyby 1244709763

I think I better take him to the groomers then! I'd be a little nervous if I could hurt him.

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