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Hi there! I have a plenty of free time and I love animals so I would like to be a volunteer at an animal shelter! Can you suggest me any in Ixelles area and/or where possibly at least one can speak in English (I don't speak nor understand French at all..) ? That would be nice.. Thanks!

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emilyf 1371045830

Hi there

Have you found anywhere yet? I too have been looking for somewhere to volunteer. Battersea Dogs home in the UK offers many opportunities for volunteering and are very welcoming of applicants and helpers. I thought I might be able to find something similar in Brussels, but I have been disappointed.

I tried to volunteer at the HelpAnimals refuge in Gare du Midi (helpanimals.be), back in November. You could try there, but as a heads up, I didnt have any luck. Despite their website being in English, when I visited their site and asked if they spoke English I was rudely spoken to and told they didn't speak it. Therefore I used my french which isn't top notch but not bad, and then they chose to speak English. They were really rude and I felt as if I had asked them for something, rather than offering them a lot of my time for free.

I can only imagine that perhaps they have had bad experiences with volunteers in the past, but I felt very discouraged and didn't want to work there. They told me that I could only come between certain hours on certain days and was only allowed to walk a dog for 15 minutes round the block (they are situated in a business park surrounded by noisy roads) and that's it. I appreciated that perhaps I should have given it a go, for the sake of the dogs there, but for me it was a difficult area to get to without a car and didnt feel particularly safe either. And then combined with the rude and unfriendly attitude of the staff, I was extremely put off.

I would love to do something similar though so let me know if you find anything!

jeanine-132930 1371081676


I do voluntary work at Cat Rescue, 216 avenue de Mai, 1200 Brussels. It is a lovely little shelter dedicated to cats. The person in charge speaks English. We have an open day on Saturday 22nd June and you are welcome to come along and see all the kitties. It is also open each Saturday for adoptions. Hope to see you soon, best wishes Jeanine

jeanine-132930 1371081829

Hi Emily,

If you are interested there is Cat Rescue, avenue de Mai 216 Brussels, but we only have cats. We are open each Saturday and I go on Tuesday afternoons. There is also WAHF, 13 rue du Cible in Schaerbeek, which is in need of voluntary workers, they have a few dogs, cats and little animals. The lady speaks English and is called Mrs Mommer. I believe they are open on Wednesday afternoons and some other times.

lilly-124479 1371205463

What Emily said didn't really surprise me. I have found that the personel at animal shelters are usually great with animals but not very personable, especially with non native speakers. It was the same when I lived in France. It's incredible really, you'd think they would jump at the offer for help. I hope this type of attitude doesn't stop people from helping at shelters.

ChrisPayne13 1380545669

Hi there. 

I cant offer you any information relating to an animal shelter, but if you are still in Brussels and still have time, (and still love animals :) ) then I was wondering if you would be interested in dog-sitting/walking? I have a head strong but gorgeous 2yr old companion who is in dire need of company and walks when i am out at work.
Let me know if this would be of interest!


jeanine-132930 1380552313


Thank you for your reply. I do voluntary work for Cat Rescue in the avenue de Mai 216 in 1200 Brussels (Woliuwe). We always need volunteers and the lady in charge is called France and speaks perfect English. There are open days this weekend and I am going on Sunday, if you would like to go (it is in the afternoon0, I would be happy to meet you on the Sunday. Thanks again and hope to hear from you. Pls send your reply to my email: jeaninehardcastle@hotmail.com

andynrea 1390993213

Hi there, I would like to adopt a cat from the above mentioned shelter, however there is no phone number on the website, and I have filled in the contact form and it just won't send, does anyone have a contact number or different email address for them?

Thanks Rea :-)

jeanine-132930 1391002723


Thanks for your mail. The shelter is open for adoptions each Saturday from 2 until 4 pm, if you are interested. They are situated in the avenue de Mai, 216 in 1200 Brussels. You will have to come in person and see all the cats, they have some lovely ones in excellent health. There is an adoption fee to pay to cover vaccinations costs, etc. On the other hand, I know a lady, who saved some lovely cats and is looking for homes for them. She only asks € 20 to cover the vaccination cost. If you are interested, please phone me on 0478/689374 or send an email to jeaninehardcastle@hotmail.com and please let me know. We need forever homes for the cats! Many thanks and look forward to seeing you! I can always meet you at the shelter.

Irishandy 1400630616

We would like to adopt a little kitten does anybody know a shelter with kittens.. Thanks

jeanine-132930 1400663923


There are some kittens at Cat Rescue. If you go on the site www.catrescue.be you will see them. They are in a foster family and you have to contact the family to see them, you will also see the other younger cats to be adopted. They have a contract and adoption fee. Please let me know what you exactly want. Do you have other pets, etc? I am also trying to home a lovely male cat very good looking, if you know of anyone of 3 years-old. Many thanks Jeanien

dragofly 1410895216

Hey guys, same here! I would love to help out at a shelter, creche, individual dog/cat whatever owner... i love animals and miss them dearly, but i live in leuven! perhaps we can work something out there, as i would really really like to find myself some animal work asap! :) Let me know if there is anything or anyone, i can help with.... thanks!!

Lorelei 1469743240

Hello !

I'm so happy i found this discussion. I like what ChrisPayne13 proposed, going to walks and dog-sitting, i would love to do that.

Does anyone need a dog-sitter?

Thanks !

Catalina-Tapia-952972 1578687685

Hey guys! I know this thread is old but im also interest in volunteering at a shelter or even fostering cats/kittens. I live in Ixelles and speak english and spanish :) do you know where I could volunteer as a foster home for cats? 

Thanks a lot!

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