started by: maryam73 · last update: 1243535823 · posted: 1240397468

I am interested to adopt a ferret, so I'd like to know if there are any Ferret Breeders in Brussels or near by? Maryam

started by: janet1 · last update: 1239988933 · posted: 1239988933

I have heard that there is a company (in Ninoves) I believe which offers a service whereby a person comes and lives in your house while you are on holiday and looks after your pets. Does anyone have any idea of the name of the company or know of anyone willing to do this?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1239871018 · posted: 1239365734

Thinking of buying a rabbit to keep in my closed garden. Are there any predators in Belgium that I should watch out for, like foxes for example?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1238001569 · posted: 1237883920

Looking for a dog grooming parlour that offers a gentle service. Can anyone recommend something to me?

started by: frazzled-124665 · last update: 1237190383 · posted: 1236861849

is it possible to foster dogs and cats here, a friend of mine does this in Spain and its sounds worthwhile

started by: Billie-125573 · last update: 1236162402 · posted: 1228257130

I am an animal lover and being new to Brussels would like to do some voluntary work with animals, does anyone do this or have any ideas where there are shelters or other organisations in Brussels, I live in Etterbeek. Thanks

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1235406114 · posted: 1234946927

Does anyone know of a hairless cat breeder in our area? My son is allergic to cat hair but we love felines!

started by: elena-126352 · last update: 1234860421 · posted: 1234699138

Hi, I am looking for a male persian to mate my female. She is a beautiful white and gray persian of 3 years old, registered and with everything in order. If anyone would be willing to arrange an encounter between them, as soon as possible, I would really appreciated. Thank you very much, Elena.

started by: busybee-124327 · last update: 1234344685 · posted: 1233220933

Do I really need to brush my dogs teeth? She gets really angry when I try and I've seen bones that claim to clean the teeth- do they work?

started by: noahswife · last update: 1232560018 · posted: 1232535177

not urgent but would like to find one pretty soon.

started by: chocdrop · last update: 1229531776 · posted: 1229507074

Its not urgent but do not want to wait untill it is so could anyone point me in the direction of a good vet please.

started by: noahswife · last update: 1229507247 · posted: 1224160751

Next year we would like to spend some time in Belgium, if you want a free house sitter who will take care of you pets please get in touch. No catches just mutual benefit.

started by: Karen-125693 · last update: 1229158869 · posted: 1228310967

Hello, I'm looking for someone reliable to walk my dog 2-3 times a week. We will take her out in the morning and at night so we are looking for someone to come during the day to take her out for a 20-30 minute walk. She is of a mixed breed and very friendly! We live in Uccle, close to Chaussee D'Alsemberg Thank you, Karen

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1228207036 · posted: 1227600199

How can i keep my house smelling nice when i have a cat litter tray in the kitchen? (ps I don't have a garden and my cat stays in all the time)

started by: tschulie · last update: 1227618834 · posted: 1227618834

We are searching a cat sitter, who could look after our two old cats every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for 1-2 hours. If you are interested, please write an email. greetings Julia

started by: lazysunday-124390 · last update: 1225795368 · posted: 1225707911

We want to set up a large tank and wonder where we can get advice as well as everything we need.

started by: JDePrins · last update: 1225272607 · posted: 1225193733

Can I get insurance for my cats in Belgium to cover vet bills and tests, certain medication and/or hospital visits? JDePrins

started by: sandman-124341 · last update: 1224845612 · posted: 1224755313

near the city can anyone recommend and tell me how much please

started by: erindoors-125209 · last update: 1222341311 · posted: 1221951163

I am looking for a female Border Collie pup, LOF only. Black and white preferably, but would consider other colours. Both parents need to be seen. Working stock would be good.

started by: lazysunday-124390 · last update: 1221299850 · posted: 1220522885

our queen cat has taken to staying out all night, no matter what we try she insists on going out but we worry about her safety any idea's how to get her to stay home?

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