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our queen cat has taken to staying out all night, no matter what we try she insists on going out but we worry about her safety any idea's how to get her to stay home?

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I am interested in this breed of dog would like info on any aspect, breeders, care etc.

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1219142252 · posted: 1218534677

Can anyone tell me if it obligatory to microchip pooches in Belgium?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1218213839 · posted: 1218038934

Looking for an English speaking vet in the city please for my new puppy!

started by: lazysunday-124390 · last update: 1217510465 · posted: 1216641524

could any doggy people out there give us some advice for choosing a dog. We would like to get a rescue animal so where to go for that too.

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1216715325 · posted: 1216302356

Does anyone know the difference between the following two breeds of dog: labrit and Pyrenean Shephard Dog?

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happy to keep the wee scap but what should I be feeding on? Will take to vet monday but need advice for today

started by: Becbec-124366 · last update: 1213792302 · posted: 1213739137

I've just made an appointment with my vet to have my kitten sterilized next month. and was just wondering if anybody can tell me roughly how much this is going to cost.Thanks a lot

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When you rent a flat are u=you automatically allowed to keep a dog? I am really finding it hard living alone here and would like the company but am not sure if I am allowed to do this.

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now we live in apartment I am worried our little dog does not get enough exercise. She's a miniature poodle, how long do other dog owners spend walking there pets?

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my brother says that terrapins carry loads of nasty germs but I love mine, are they really so bad?

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Hi, I've been offered a job is Brussels, I currently live in the UK and have a horse. I was wondering if anyone else has brought a horse over with them? If so, was it difficult? Can you recommend a livery yard? As can you give me a rough idea of livery costs? Many thanks

started by: molly-123900 · last update: 1201509484 · posted: 1201388491

Nina, an Alsatian dog has been abandoned in a refuge in Belgium, she had her puppies today in a cage that's too small for her. It's pretty cold too so she needs an urgent foster home for her and her puppies. molly

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Could anybody help us find an english speaking vet in or near the town of mons. Any help would be most appreciated clcs x

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We are looking for a vet or someone with a good working knowlege of ponies who can help us with a potential welfare situation near Audinghen Please contact us by private e mail

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I am looking for an English speaking vetrinarian and groomer in the Watermael-Boitsfort area for our Yorkie. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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I am just moving to Brussels for 6 months with work. Does anyone know if it possible to bring my cat with me? I know you can get a passport for dogs but not sure if cats have to go into quanrantine. Thanks!

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I am currently looking at relocating to Belgium from France. I have 38 years experience of training dogs and competed in agility at senior level both in the uk and in France. I am qualified in France to train/board & breed dogs. Does anyone think there could be an opening for a boarding service (in my own home), daily walking service (for people that work) and dog training. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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We are looking for a reliable cat- and home sitter for end of August/beginning of September in Brussels Ixelles. Please contact us at sonorisa@gmail.com Catlover

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I am looking for someone who might be able to look after my cats while I travel on business - essentially it would be popping by once every other day to check their food, give them a bit of a fuss, and empty their litter box. I am also looking for some recommendations for boarding kennels for dogs.. I would also be interested in anyone with recommendations for house sitters? someone to mind the cats, as well as look after the dogs (feed daily) walk twice a day and stay at my residence - Of course I would pay for the sitter as well as provide some basic food staples. I have a 6 bedroom house - with internet access, a small gym (treadmill, set up for using mountain bike as stationery bike) as well as 2 bicycles for use, and complete laundry facilities. I am located in EVERBERG (3078) - Janeen (tonkarr@hotmail.com)

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