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Hello, I live in Everberg Belgium (just moved here from US) with 2 dogs and 2 cats - I am looking for someone who would be willing to stop by every other day during times that I travel to look in on the cats. I would pay you a rate per day per visit. Janeen

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Can anyone recommend a good vet? I have a new cat and want to find out what check-ups, injections, etc. she needs. Thanx!

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We are moving to Boitsfort with our three dogs and will be needing a sitter for them and the house - several times a year for roughly a week at a time. 11th to 19th May will be the first dates. We will pay the going rate for a dog-lover fluent enough in French to call the vet if necessary, and free to take a week off his or her usual occupations. Once a week we have a cleaner so there will be time to go to the shops - just down the road. We have Sky TV and a garden (so no midnight dogwalking necessary). Kennels absolutely not an option. jw

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