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I rang up for a quote to have my golden retreiver bathed and was surprised that they all wanted between 40 and 50 euros!! They don't even need to clip him! Does anyone have a cheaper groomer they can tell me about?

started by: Frites 'n' Mayo · last update: 1415352130 · posted: 1415352130

I have just noticed a plea in the classifieds for a gorgoeus 11 year old golden labrador who was abandoned at the refuge in Brussels. Can anyone help him? It will soon be very cold and he is an old boy. You can enquire directly through the advert. Thanks on his behalf.

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Now that it is a bit more wet and rainy than usual (!) I am finding that my floors are constantly covered with paw prints and mud. Does anyone have a few tricks to share with me on ways to avoid mopping the floor twice a day or more?!

started by: Uccle Mom · last update: 1413476612 · posted: 1413213106

We are fostering a large golden retreiver as of this saturday and I need to find him a sufficiently large bed without breaking the bank. Can anyone recommend a store or online store I can try?

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Hi everyone; just back from a trip to San Francisco which is full of dog creches (what a great idea!). As a huge dog lover I have started to think that this could be a viable business here too. Would any of you dog owners send your dog to creche and if so how many days a week and for what price?

started by: Ross01 · last update: 1410951698 · posted: 1408106431

Hi there,  Me and my border terrier (Lewis, aged 6) have just moved to Brussels.  I'm looking for a good dog walker and a dog sitter to walk Lewis on Tues/Weds/Thurs during the day, and to take him occassionally for a few days at a time when I travel abroad for work. Can anyone recommend a good walker/sitter service?  I stay centrally, close to the Royal Palace. Cheers, Ross

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1408637975 · posted: 1407492843

Can anyone recommend a very gentle dog groomer in the Uccle area? I have a highly sensitive rescue dog that needs a trip to the groomers!

started by: lasgro · last update: 1407793556 · posted: 1405589525

Dear all I will be moving to Schaerbeek end of August. I am looking for an experienced dog walker. It seems hard to find a dog walker operating in Schaerbeek. Any ideas? Best,   Lasse

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1407141834 · posted: 1406798712

Are there any seasoned horse riders out there who would l ike to help me exercise my horse? I seem to have less and less time nowadays.

started by: stella-961292 · last update: 1404668149 · posted: 1402826239

Hi, I am looking for a Professional Dog sitter for around 20 days in the period of July and August for extended hours in the house. The payment will be according to the qualifications. References are required or proven experience in handling animals with care. Thank you Stella

started by: StellaD · last update: 1404151233 · posted: 1403005258

Hello fellow Expats, We have three adorable  wire fox terrier puppies (just like Milo from Tintin) and we would like to give them away. We don't want to sell them - we just want to make sure that the adopters will take good care of them :) the only thing we would want in return is that whenever you're on holiday / our of town you leave them with us, instead of a kennel :)  it's a win-win because on one hand you don't have to worry about dog hotels/ pet sitters and on the other hand we will enjoy their company, because we love them very much. The breed is incredibly friendly, curious, energetic and very good with children - great for a family pet.  If you are interested in becoming the proud owner of one of these bundles of love and joy, please contact me at stella.dineva@gmail.com or via facebook.com/stella.dineva  On the link bellow you can see more pictures and also meet their parents: https://plus.google.com/photos/113055047304435668298/albums/5956820305695871793#photos/113055047304435668298/albums/5956820305695871793 Thanks in advance and with kind regards,  

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1403021741 · posted: 1393328696

Can anyone recommend a Belgian pet insurance? I am fed up with paying out each time I take my labrador to the vets. Any ideas?

started by: dominika.k · last update: 1402850397 · posted: 1380386824

My husband and I just moved to Bruxelles. Since we both work we are looking fpr a responsable and recomended dog sitter fpr our two year old parson russel terrier. gin is very well trained. does anyone know help?

started by: stella-961292 · last update: 1402824386 · posted: 1401198208

Hi all I would need to find a kennel that is reliable to keep my 3 dogs each one with its health issues which need supervision and careful treatment. Anyone has had a good experience in Brussels and around? I do not mind if it is outside Brussels or in another city. Many thanks for this Stella

started by: Violet-959961 · last update: 1401045073 · posted: 1400279604

I am as a tourist in Belgium. I'll like to make an announcement of two dogs but I cannot find any suitable animal organisation from internet. Is here such organisations? Does anybody know. I'm in Ooskamp. This is not a police matter.    

started by: ccp-132966 · last update: 1395687473 · posted: 1392743866

Hello We adopted a little dog (cross: border collie / spaniel) a couple of years ago and now that my wife is pregant, we are looking for a reliable person who knows and likes dogs to walk him a few times a week on a morning. We usually walk him around 10 or 11am - either round the immediate area, at the parc du cinquantenaire which can be reached in 5-10 minutes on foot or parc josaphat which is 5 mins by car. Does anyone offer such services or know of someone or is interested themselves? We live between Place Jamblinne de Meux and Diamant.  Thanks Chris

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1395347560 · posted: 1395132888

Can anyone recommend a dog training class near Ixelles please. I would also be interested in flyball classes as my dog has high energy levels.

started by: ariane1 · last update: 1395312789 · posted: 1395312789

Hello, I am a British translator working in Uccle and looking for a part time job as a dog walker as I enjoy walking in the surrounding woodlands.  Concerning my animal experiences, I am very fond in particular of dogs, and grew up for some time on a farm with a lot of dogs to look after.  So, I very much enjoy being with animals and I am quite flexible with hours.  With regard to my linguistic skills, I am also fluent in French.  Thank you, Ariane Pearson.

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I wonder if there are any bird lovers out there who could advise me? I have a wide variety of birds who come to forage in my garden and over the winter months I can't help noticing how wet and cold they are getting. I have put out boxes for the smaller birds but I can't seem to find any nig enough for the ring necked doves, magpies, etc. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

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Hey there. Me and my partner found a skinny, starving street dog in South America, adopted him and flew him back to Brussels to give him a better life.  Now my partner has moved back to Paris, I am currently looking after him. However now he is a fully-healed, fully-fueled gorgeous German Shepherd called Patagon. He is wonderful with people, and incredibly gentle and playful. He is however not so friendly with dogs, cats, birds or wasps.. So to the point... We are looking for help with him. This could be walkers, dog-sitters, or behaviouralists...Also as I work full time and do not have a garden we are in the process of deciding whether he is will be better off with some other owner, with more space and time. So if you are interested in meeting him we would like to hear from you. However until we have that sorted we really need someone to come and walk him and keep him company when I am at work / away from the flat.  He is fully grown and strong - although my partner can handle him on the lead. He stays on the lead the whole time at the moment - we have booked some training classes to see if we can make him a bit more manageable and eventually allow him to run off lead.. (we hope).  All help welcome and you will of course be reimbursed for your time! Let me know. Chris   

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