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there is a dog i would like to adopt, but my parents won't let me. we already have adopted 2 dogs about 4 or 5 years ago. of course it is hard to keep up with studying and taking care of 2 dogs so my parents help out sometimes. it was their idea to get the dogs but now i would like to get a dog they say no. the moment i saw Willy on the adoption site i fell in love with him.                  Does anyone have any ideas as to what i can do to win my parents over? Please help me! Thank you  

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I am a mature guy, who loves animals very much. As a child I lived with dogs of varying size and strength, and cats, I love being with them and playing with them.I am a very punctual, precise and respectful.

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My friend is flying in from the US on United Airlines with his dogs, however he's getting conflicting information on exactly where to collect them from once he lands. Has anyone got any experience with this and may have some information. Thanks so much!

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking vet in the Louise area please?

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Does anyone know if it is now possible to fly from Belgium to the UK with your cat in a cage in the cabin, as opposed to the hold?

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Hi all, I would like to know if there is something like a dog day care in Brussels!I have a 3 year old beagle and he can not stay alone at home :(My husband and I are moving to Brussels in the coming 1 to 3 months and will like to know if there is something like this here as we have a similar service here in The Netherlands where our dog gets picked up and goes to play with more dogs! :)A walking service would not be very good....as he will really not get tired! PLEASE help me with some info on this!!!Otto (dog) will be veeeeeery happy to know he can still go every day to play with friends!Thanks a lot!Isabelp.s. you can email me to: ladutchville@hotmail.com if you want

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Can anyone recommend a dog kennels for a last minute boarding reservation? I'm in Ixelles.

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how much is it for a pet passport.

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I recently moved to brussels and unfortunately I am not allowed a dog in my flat. However, I love dogs and would like to help people out, who need somebody to take their dog for a walk during the day. My husband and I had a dog back in Vienna. I work freelance from home, so i am flexible Ideally the dog and its owner should live in EU-district. I live in the area of place jourdan. If you are interested, please contact me. Best Emily

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I am trying to source some bengalese finches. Has anyone seen anyone seen any for sale?

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Hi Guys,   Got 10 mixed male and female budgies for sale, ready to go! email for pics and details.

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I am looking after a super-sweet puppy who was found tied up outside my colleague's home on Tuesday night and is looking for a new family! I am looking after her temporarily, but I already have a grumpy old dog who does not like the idea of bringing a youngster into the home so unfortunately I cannot keep her.She has been to the vet and is in very good health - she is a Tekel/Daschund mix. So far she has been very relaxed and cuddly - she seems to have a very sweet temperament.I am happy to send more details and pictures if you are interested, and to arrange a visit if you'd like to meet her. I have until Thursday 8th to find her a home, as on Friday I leave for London. I desperately don't want to have to give her a shelter so if you're interested at all please do contact me asap. As she was found abandoned on the street I'm not asking for any fee for her, I just want to find her a good home where she can spend the rest of her days!

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My Lhasa Apso dog is now over 15 and she is having problems walking the short distance to the park and back. Does anyone out there have a possible solution? I was thinking of constructing something with wheels that I could roll her in (pulling or pushing) but I don't know where to start. Or maybe someone has an old cart or baby carriage that I could have or buy cheaply? Or does anyone know of a shop in Brussels that sells such things? A Lhasa Apso is about the size of a terrier. Thanks for any help.....   ~ Janet

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Two beautiful Jack Russel siblings looking for new homes from a very nice and young breeding couple (both 3 years old, great characters). JRTs are wonderful companions, very receptive, smart and energetic. You will enjoy every minute of it.Please, contact Ivanna 0474353777 or evannamail@gmail.com for more information.   

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We are interested in adopting a kitten. Does anyone now of a feline charity or refuge we can contact?

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Can anyone tell me where i can get Sudocrem from please. Thanks

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three green parakets need good home pm if intrested please.

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Looking for homes for three small puppies back and white, mother only tiny and dad too. pm if your intrested. Many thanks.

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looking for a fish tank to keep some Guppies and gold fish do i need a filter system for it?

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Hi looking for a guard dog, but also as family pet, is there anywhere around that sells nice dogs.

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