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Hi, Is there any cat rescue homes near by? Please post thanks.

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Are you interested in taking care of and riding my horse Tizón some days a week? Tizón is of the breed Menorquin, a Spanish horse (similar to PRE), 160 cm high and 6,5 years old. He is a very nice horse with big personality; he listens very well to the rider and learns quickly (he knows lateral work, shoulder in, and just started with flying changes). You will also have the possibility to go hacking since the area has quite good riding trails. Tizón likes hacking very much and he is totally traffic safe and never scared of anything. The stable is a small private stable with 14 horses situated in Beigem, Grimbergen, 20 minutes north of Brussels. It is most convenient to go by car, even if it is also possible to communicate with bus from Brussels. The stable has one outside arena (20 x 40 m), one lounge arena (15 x 20) and one small indoor arena (12 x 15). During April/May - October/November every horse has its private pasture and is outside daytime. It is important for me that you are an experienced rider. Tizón is still rather young and learning, and even if he is a very calm horse he needs a knowledgeable hand. Does this sound interesting? Call or email me and I tell you more! Josefine; 0498 56 77 34, josefine.rh.johansson@gmail.com

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Can anyone recommend a good cattery?

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Our neighbours dog is left alone for up to 16 hours a day, although he is not a nuisance I just wonder if there is something we can do. We have offered to walk him, but they refused the offer.

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Hello, we are looking for a ginger kitten, can anyone help? Where is a good place to look (sites, associations, etc).

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I wanted to buy my wife a canary. Is it just the males that sing?

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Hi, I'm looking for a Sphynx cat as a surprise for my fiancé. He adores them and I've always said no to cats in the house as I'm not especially fond of them, but I can give him a break this once! As it's just a pet, and not for breeding, I'd love not to pay an arm and a leg for one. Does anyone know where I might find someone looking for an adoptive home for a lovely Sphynx? a

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We are looking for a Maine Coon Kitten and wondered if anyone knows of a breeder in Belgium?

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Can anyone suggest a few parks in Brussels centre where I can let my dog off his lead legally and safely?

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I volunteer for an animal association and we have recently been handed over 3 chocolate labs, rescused from an intensive breeder. We have 2 males and a female, all pedigrees and tatooed. HU505, HU506 and HU507 They are aged 6,10 and 12. Can anyone help us by offering a home to one of these gorgeous, gentle guys?

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Does anyone know where I can buy one of those anti-barking collars that squirt citronella liquid when the dog barks?

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Is it true that you can now travel from Europe to the UK with a small pet in a cage on your lap? My mother told me this last week but I'm not sure whether I can believe it!

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My young male sterilised cat has been attacked twice now by other males in the neighbourhood. Does anyone have any tips on what to do to prevent this? The problem is that my cat loves other felines and probably approaches them to be affectionate...

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My cat has just been diagnosed with kidney problems and I have to give him veterinary food. At the vet's this costs 27€ a bag; does anyone know where I can get it a bit cheaper?

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Does anyone know of a local refuge looking for dog walkers, particularly at weekends?

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Hello. We recently adopted a lovely little dog from the Croix Bleue (cross spaniel / border collie) who is perfect in every way but cannot bear to be alone. Does anyone know a dogsitter in Brussels and also any recommendations for longer-term dog 'pensions' for possible holidays? We are near Parc Josaphat. Thank you.

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I am looking for ideas on ways to treat and prevent fleas on my dog naturally. Does anyone have any tried and tested ideas to share?

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My dogs and cat have just spent two weeks at a kennel/cattery outside Brussels - it was the first time there. I would like to recommend it most highly! They've come back calm, healthy, clean and relaxed. I'd explained the cat is very timid but loves to be caressed - it's clear she was caressed as she's not shedding at all (as she would if she was left untouched in her cage). And the dogs smell and feel as if they've been for toilettage!It's very clean and organised, very professionally managed and open "non-stop" which is unusual for a kennel. Reasonable rates. The place is Les Amis Fideleshttp://www.amis-fideles.be/In Lasne, at 9 chemin de Camuselle (100m from "monument Prussiens" in Plancenoit) near the Butte de Lion. Many of their notices are bilingual Eng/Fr, as is the website, but I didn't actually speak to the guy in English so I'm not sure if it is spoken.

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I have recently adopted a cat who had a bad life before he was rescued. He is not agressive at all, the only problem is that he poos out of his tray; it could be the rug, his bed or even my bed! Any ideas on how to stop this behaviour?? Can I buy Feliway in Belgium for example?

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I have a very friendly, loving 8 month old Golden Retriever looking for some friends. She has come over from the Middle East and was living with lots of dogs there and now misses playing with other pups. There are loads of dogs in the park, but a lot of them, or their owners don't seem to want to play for too long. I'd like to meet someone who has a puppy or young adult that likes a bit of a tumble in the park with a very friendly puppy for an hour or two a week.

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