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Can anyone recommend a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter for large dog breeds please?

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Does anyone have any advice re taking a dog home on the BMI flight? I'm also looking for a crate to take Baxter home in and as I'm only using it once don't want to spend a fortune!

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I am interested in buying a snake (just a small one!) Can anyone recommend a reputable breeder?

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i wondered if anyone could tell me the laws in Belgium regarding running over a dog x is it illegal like here in the uk to just drive off and leave it x

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Hi everyone. Is there any pet boarding (dog) in Brussels? Or a pet boarding facility that transports the animal to the facility? When we go on vacation, we can't always drive the dog out to the boarding places outside of town (especially with the hours that overlap with working hours). Just wondering if there is anywhere closer or a place that picks up! Thanks for any suggestion!

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Are you a good rider? Do you have free time regularly? Did you have to leave your own horse at home? Beautiful horses to ride and in exchange all that is required is the commitment to ride and care for them regularly. Accessible by tram and bus. Friendly fun atmosphere, no French, Dutch necessary.

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I have adopted a young dog from a man who wasn't looking after him at all. We have made him sign a 'cession' paper but now we want to change the microchip details into our name. Does anyone know how we go about this please?

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Does anyone know of a reputable West Highland Terrier breeder in Belgium please?

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Do you know of a local animal refuge holding an open day in September or October? We are thinking of taking on a small size dog.

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I am looking for a swimming rehabilitation centre for dogs that have suffered paralysis/leg breaks etc. Any ideas?

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Does anyone know a local Brussels Griffon dog breeder? I've heard they make great little pets.

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I am looking for a recognised black labrador breeder in the Brussels area. Any recommendations?

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Can anyone tell me if dogs are in danger of contracting Leishmaniasis this far north in Europe and if so what can be done to prevent it?

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I am looking for a shop selling reptile tanks and equipment. Can anyone advise me?

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Looking for someone to ‘ Mind the Cat ’ * ?? I provide professional care for your cat while you are away. The purr-fect alternative to leaving your cat alone or in a kennel. Enjoy your time away knowing your cat is content and safe in their favourite spot……home! For a free consultation or questions regarding this service please contact Kathy at: 0494-506-461 (mobile) *Proud sponsor of Fanal des Animau adoption-chat.be

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Here people seem to keep cats indoors all the time much more than in the UK. What do other cat owners think of this? For me, cats should be out an about climbing trees not stuck in a flat but I'm interested to hear your opinions on the matter.

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We are looking for a long haired cat to join our household. An adult will be fine. Please get in touch if you know of one looking for a new place to live.

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Hi, we are currently in discussions regarding moving to Belgium, one problem is that we have a small dog (Bichon Frise). He has only ever been left with family or with a home boarding agency. Does anyone know if there is such a thing in Belgium? He isn't happy in kennels and all our family is in the UK so it is a big consideration for me. Any other help or information regarding moving and living in Belgium would be much appreciated. Thanks,Vicki

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We would like to ensure our cat is identifiable when she is out wandering around alone. Would other cat owners recommend more the chip or the tattoo?

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I am looking for an animal behaviouralist to help me iron out some problems I am having getting my new kitten used to our dog. Can anyone give me a recommendation or even a spot of advice??

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