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I saw recently that Jet 2 were offering to transport pets. Does this mean in the cabin or in the hold? I always thought dogs couldn't travel in the cabin for flights leaving from or going to the UK...

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Hello, Im an American student living in Brussels (Auderghem) and looking to earn extra cash walking dogs or feeding your pets if you are out of town! I have night classes this session and can do it any time of the day, even weekends! I love animals and would love to help you ! Im not really looking for alot of money, just something I can use to help me pay for some of my books and food!!! Email me and let me know what you need for your pet and I can tell you what it would cost you ! Really not expensive and I would be happy to help you !!! ALSO I have a car, so I am able to get anywhere with in reason to help you ! I can also take your dog to their favorite park or take in your cat for a couple days if you need !!!!! Just email me in English or French and I would be happy to speak with you about what you need for your pet !!!!! Email: carlaarbulu@gmail.com

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I am bringing my wonderful 7 month old Golden Retriever in November and am having problems finding pet insurance here in Belgium. Does anyone here have a pet insurance policy? And who with? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Does anyone have information about dog training classes offered in Brussels (French would be OK, though English is preferred). I'm interested in Obedience and/or Agility training. Thanks!

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Can anyone recommend a gentle dog grooming parlour in Brussels? Thanks in advance

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Hi, I will be moving to the Brussels area early next year. I have two pit bull mixes. I understand they will need to be registered once we arrive. I was curious if there are any restrictions on them. They are really well behaved. Is there a regulation or something on this?Thanks,Jen

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I've moved to Belgium near (Li├Ęge), and am having a heck of a time finding a supplier of good quality pet (cat) food. There seem to be lots of places in the UK, but my poor French and complete lack of Dutch seems to have me at a disadvantage when using, say, google :/Even the dedicated pet stores around here just don't carry the foods I'm looking for, all they seem to carry are the "standard" low-quality foods (from Hill's, Pedigree, Purina, etc...), but I'm looking for (what I suppose are) "specialty" diets; e.g. grain free, named protein sources, no mystery-source by-products, etc. I'm familiar with some North American brands that are relatively good, but they don't seem to be sold here! (Orijen (available from the UK though), Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, etc...)Anyone have any bright ideas? I'd be totally fine with ordering from an online supplier, but would like to find one in Belgium, or mainland Europe at least, so the shipping isn't ridiculous.Thanks in advance!

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Are there any animal shelters in downtown Brussels (1000)? My cat is missing, and I would like to call the shelters in the neighbourhood.

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I am trying to rehome three baby (weaned) gerbils. No cages provided. Black and tan in colour. Send me an email if interested.

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I would love to allow my dog to go for a cool off in the river but I'm not sure if they are clean enough. Can anyone allay my fears please?

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Hi, We need to find a cattery with english speaking staff, to take care of our 2 cats while going away over a weekend for business. We have searched the Net high and low but no luck - anyone know anyplace ?? /Peter

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We have found an injured hedgehog and need to know where to take him. Is there anything like Mrs Tiggywinkles here in Belgium?

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We have adopted a retired guide dog in the past when we lived in France and would now like to do the same thing here. Can anyone point us in the direction of a guide dogs for the blind association please?

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I am looking for dog walk area suggestions for the Ixelles area. All suggestions greatfully received.

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We are looking for a golden retreiver breeder in Belgium. Can anyone recommend one please?

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I ma looking for someone asap to walk my dog out suring lunchtime. at least 3 times a week. I live near la Chasse and merode metro station. 60E a month.

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In the UK we used to take our dog into hospitals to offer pet therapy to terminally ill patients. Is there a similar set-up here in Belgium does anyone know?

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Whats the best thing to get rid of animal fleas, we had a visitor the other day that left some behind.

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I am looking for an excellent boarding kennels anywhere in Belgium for a long stay period (6 months) for my 2 children - both English Bulldogs I will also consider foster parenting for the 6 months. My dogs are my live, so I am looking for outstanding care - money not an issue Thanks

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We intent to give a home to a rescued dog and wonder anyone who has done this can tell us if there are any things we should be aware with regards choosing a job and its care.

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