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Can anyone take care of my 3 month old puppy for 3 days next week while I go away on unexpected business? She is not yet house trained but is adorable!

started by: Stefanya · last update: 1256647393 · posted: 1256647393

I have a pure breed, 16 pounds, muscular, beautiful smooth coat, tri colored Jack Russell that I would like to breed. She should be coming into heat between 30-45 days. You may have pick of the litter or 350 Euros, which is what I sell the puppies for. Please let me know if you know of anyone out there with a stud. If necessary I will travel outside of Belgium. Thanks, Stefanya, Brussels

started by: Stefanya · last update: 1255513511 · posted: 1255341176

I need to have my dog spayed as soon as possible, but need to find a very good vet who charges under 300 euros. If you have any experience in this area I appreciate your reponse. stefanya, tervuren

started by: millymolly-124623 · last update: 1254491682 · posted: 1254392553

I've seen a few young people with staffies here, and I'm sure in some countries you need a licence for them. Is that the case here or can anyone have these dangerous dogs?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1253731284 · posted: 1253174984

Last night we lost 2 of our fish and on Saturday we lost 2 as well. Can any other acquarium owner suggest why this is happening? My boyfriend says it is because I have been feeding them too much...

started by: notthedoc · last update: 1253695958 · posted: 1251450646

We have used all the regular stuff but no good poor mutt is feed up and we needa solution thats kind to his skin

started by: Lotte-128274 · last update: 1253196879 · posted: 1252946292

Hi!Does anyone know of good boarding kennels in the Brussels area? I have looked on the net but they all seem quite far from the City. Pref. English speaking, and cheap ;o)Also, does anyone know of a really good English speaking vet in the Ixelles/Chatelain area that is open in the mornings as well as in the evenings? We have only just arrived here, and our dog needs regular medication so I need to find a vet pretty quickly.Thanks for your help,Lotte

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1252053831 · posted: 1251726471

Our bull terrier is suffering with her ears at the moment. They are full of black gunge which smells and seems to itch her a lot. Does anyone know what this infection is called?

started by: Turing · last update: 1249837196 · posted: 1249384170

Hi, I have two ferrets and I am looking for someone who could interested in a ferretsitting exchange, that is, I take care of your ferrets when you are away and you take care of mine.. you get the idea.

started by: kimberlygp · last update: 1249465192 · posted: 1249392046

I'm looking for a reasonably priced dog groomer near Schuman and the vicinity. Any recommendations?

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1248857015 · posted: 1248684376

What insects and other nasties should I be cautious of this summer when walking in long grass with my dogs?

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1248425736 · posted: 1248193264

If I take my dog back to England by boat will customs check my boat upon arrival? The reason I ask is that the vet told me i have to wait 6 months before returning home with her and i have a new job starting soon and can't wait that long..

started by: millymolly-124623 · last update: 1247745412 · posted: 1247732972

I think I read somewhere once that grass seeds can be dangerous to dogs but can't remember exactly what else the article said. Can anyone fill me in?

started by: noahswife · last update: 1247565343 · posted: 1247473619

we are taking care of a dog for a short while, we have done this before and our cat did not mind. However this time its just crazy, the dog needs to stay a little longer but can anyone suggest how we might stop the war

started by: sweetpeastobart · last update: 1247069274 · posted: 1244044716

Hi!I am moving to Brussels with my three cats, they all have their passports and have been vaccinated for rabies. I would like to know if you need to have pet insurance and if it is easy to obtain in Belgium. Many thanks SweetpeaStobart

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Is it possible to keep butterflies as pets? I find them fascinating and would love to figure out some kind of set up?

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1246435353 · posted: 1246281816

Does anyone know of a bull terrier breeder in the Brussels area please?

started by: harold-124312 · last update: 1246351596 · posted: 1245057873

no really, we bought a new sofa and even though our 5 year old cat has always used her scratching post, in fact she still does, but she will not stop attacking the sofa. what on earth can we do?

started by: Stefanya · last update: 1244711073 · posted: 1244665071

I have a female, one year old, small Jack Russel, who is in need of being spayed. I have contacted many vets, both Dutch and French and can't find one for under 250 Euros. If anyone has had this same service done for less, I would appreciate knowing where. Thank you, Stefanya

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Can I trim my dogs claws at home or do I need to take him to a vet or groomers?

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