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Hey there! I'm new to Belgium and just wanted to put my services out there. When I'm not busy studying, I offer English classes to both teens and adults desiring to improve their skills.You can check out my website: www.englishanytime.euChristina

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How can I find people who play basketball in Brussels? I know how to find a basketball court but the problem is that I don't know the time and dates when people gather there and since I do not speak French it'd be difficult to come to play basket with locals without any arrangments.Do you play basketball in Brussels? Drop me a line,please, if you can help me.

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We are thinking of taking a short weekend break with our 2 yera old. It shouldn't be more than 2-3 hours' drive from brussels. Do you have any suggestions to share?

started by: Uccle Mom · last update: 1439310884 · posted: 1438702054

Hi, I am thinking of getting into jogging. Is there a jogging group you could point me in the direction of? Keeping in mind that I am not incredibly fit and couldn't run very far to begin with.

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My husand & I would like to play doubles in Leuven. We can book a court at KU Leuven. Our level is Intermediate-Advanced, or USTA 3.5-4.0 (on a good day!)

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Does anone know if there any women's krav maga defence classes taking place in Brussels please?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1430757594 · posted: 1429109725

I have never done pilates before but I have been told it could be good for my back condition. Can anyone recommend a group offering pilates for total beginners?

started by: K. Armstrong · last update: 1429548369 · posted: 1429548369

I have been told to give rowing a go to improve my back stregth and alleviate back pain but I hate rowing in the gym. Does anyone know of a local rowing club I could join instead?

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1421684846 · posted: 1420627795

I really want to get in shape as part of my new year's resolutions. Has anyone heard of a gym in the Louise neighbourhood offering special deals for the new year?

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1412528886 · posted: 1412007562

Hi, I am 6 months pregnant and I really need to find a way of keeping supple and reaxed through my last trimester. I have heard that Pilates is a good way. Does anyone know of a class for pregnant women? I speak French so that is not a problem.

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Hi Guy's, I'm moving to Brussels in two weeks and will be looking for experienced climbing partners for both indoor climbing gyms within Brussels and regular trips to Freyr and beyond. I have transport and can climb week days / evenings or weekends. I’ve been climbing almost 30 years (big wall, sports and trad) Currently climbing around 7a+ but willing to climb lower grades and hold ropes for people operating at high grades.  Cheers, Nick Conway

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Where are other Brits going to see the Italy England game this Saturday and what time is kick off? Thanks!

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Does anyone know of a World Cup kick off party taking place on Thursday in downtown Brussels please?

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Hello everyone! I just arrived in Brussels and are looking for a flat, work and so on.... Apart from that, I wonder if anyone knows a hobby Volleyball group? I'm used to playing Volleyball twice a week for fun. Does anyone know a group (preferably mixed), that will accept a new player and is located in Brussels? How much will membership in this group will cost me? Greets and thanks for the answers, Benjamin

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Looking for volunteer opportunities in the Pentagon for English Speakers   Sally

started by: yael-125230 · last update: 1392209886 · posted: 1392209886

Hello AI users. I would like to join a drama group with other international people (in which English is the working language). Can anyone advise me? I live in Auderghem.

started by: Ronan-132951 · last update: 1391878621 · posted: 1391878621

Hi there,  I'm looking to find people who would like to play recreational basketball at the weekend. I'm 35, Irish and played a lot as school but haven't played for quite a while. This would just be for fun and to get some exercise.  I live in Ixelles, near Place Flagey but can travel a bit if needs be. I'm sure we can find an outdoor court easily enough, or book a gym if we get a few people together.  I can't play evenings during the week however, which is why I can't join a club, I'll never be able to go to week-night training Ronan 

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I'm looking for a squash partner (intermediate level). Usually I play at Stadium 1 (Sippelberglaan 1,1080 St Jans Molenbeek). For directions, copy and paste the following url: http://www.stadium.be/index.php?page=contact-route-7. Would love to play twice a week. If you play squash, send me an email and at least we can try it once.

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Hi, The World Class Fitness gym near the European Parliament is currently running a 2 for 1 offer until the end of January (1 year membership for 399EUR per person instead of 798EUR : http://www.worldclassfitness.be/) I am interested in signing up there as it's a really nice gym and it would make sense to take advantage of this offer. I am therefore looking for someone else who would be interested in this offer to come along and sign up with me (not a 'gym buddy', just someone for the signing up part) If you are keen, please contact me asap. Thanks!

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