Anyone up for golf around Brussels?

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Hi there, I love playing golf but it is more fun with other players. Are you interested in playing as well, then let me know. Alternatively, if you know of other possibilities to meet other golf enthousiasts, I'd be interested too. Best regards, Mar


Kimberley Lowe 1336935399

Hi, It's been a while since I was really playing golf but as I am heading home in a couple of months I need some practise in at the driving range to beat my father! Not sure about the difficulty of Belgian courses so not so confident just yet, but a bucket at the range would be fun then we see!

Whitters-133406 1338035311

Hi, I haven't played in a while, but have just moved out to Brussels (and brought the clubs along!) so wouldn't mind getting back into it.

133318 1338162478

Hi Whitters,
i have just been enjoying lots of golf on holiday. This coming week I will be back in brussels. fancy a round of golf next weekend, say Sunday?

Best regards,

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