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Is anyone already running a texas holdem group/tournament or interested in establishing a group to play at regular intervals? I've played at the local casino and I dont like the atmosphere there.

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serena-124406 1351243384

I haven't heard of a group but I'd definitely be interested if you do. What's wrong with Viage Casino in your opinion?

JPiniho 1351267672

I'm able to host an event once my stuff (poker table and chips) arrives from Switzerland; mid-November. The table seats 10 comfortably, however it could take 12 squeezed players. I'd suggest tournament rules with a nominal buy-in of say 20 EURs. At the casino, the player etiquette was poor and the dealers didn't control the table accordingly, for example, one player might show another his cards before folding and then not show the whole table. It was also expensive, when I played it was a 100 EUR buy-in with unlimited rebuys for the first hour or two!!!

Lucycka 1385999844

Hello! I know that it has been a while since you discussed but I would be very interested to join - if you have established a poker tournament group...

waveforce-waveforce-996515 1625122444

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Costas Satraen 1639132499

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