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Hi guys, does anyone know of a riding school offering summer holiday initiations for kids? Mine would love to give it a go! Thanks in advance!


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Where are you?
Moorsel - het Gulden Spoor does stages in Dutch and English
Sterrebeek - Sterrebeek Poney club does stages in Dutch and French but probably fully booked
Uccle - Cambre - through Action Sport
Hoeilaart - Arioza - through Toboggan
Hoeilaart - Lord Newcastle
Wemmel - La Mottte

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That's great! Thanks. I am close to Uccle.

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Action Sport - bois de la Cambre is 3-6 years only. €40 per day.

There is also PomPom Poney in Uccle, website is not up to date though, for 3-7 year olds.

for older children, you'll have to head out towards Hoeilaart or down to Waterloo.

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