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Hi, Im flying to Brussels with a friend in July for a 3 day music festival in Boom, but our hotel is about 20 mins from the festival.We have tried many times to rent a car, but my friend and I are 18 and 19 and you have to be 21 to rent any car.Does anyone know of a place we could rent a car before that age or even a scooter or motorbike 50cc, in Brussels or maybe Antwepen ?


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Pay for a taxi? Surely this will be cheaper than car rental.

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Or get a train or bus?

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Well the taxi would be about 65 euros (thats what the hotel said) and I think for the train we would have to do Sint-Niklaas > Antwepen and Antwepen > Boom which would take a really long time and I'm not sure if the train goes after 12PM. We've also got to get there and back 3 times, so I still think finding something to rent would make things a lot easier.

Thanks for your answers anyways.

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