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Hello everyone! I just arrived in Brussels and are looking for a flat, work and so on.... Apart from that, I wonder if anyone knows a hobby Volleyball group? I'm used to playing Volleyball twice a week for fun. Does anyone know a group (preferably mixed), that will accept a new player and is located in Brussels? How much will membership in this group will cost me? Greets and thanks for the answers, Benjamin


Victoria-123351 1193046731

Welcome to Brussels. You are lucky that you have chosen the 2nd most favourite sport behind Football in Belgium. You should be able to find a pick-up game of Volley ball at ISB, St. John's or ULB. Try this link also http://www.csfds.be/index2.html

William-123360 1193397043

I go to ULB and I know that we have drop in volleyball nights. drop me a line.

B3ret 1193863470

Thank you for that information William. I wrote you to ask if you have more information on the drop in nights (homepage?).
Maybe the message got lost, so I just wanted to make sure you get something ;-)


ARL-123641 1194017531


I would also be interested in the volleyball drop in nights if you could send me some info as well,


mwestinbrussels 1223414955

Dear Benjamin

I have just arrived in Brussels, and I was also looking for a Volleyball team, perhaps one that speaks a bit of English, did you have any luck?

Thanks a lot



Racheltx 1223491261


I just moved to Brussels about 2 weeks ago and have been wanting to find a volleyball team that speaks some English. I played indoor and outdoor volleyball for awhile and would love to play!

Please let me know if you guys have found anything or want to start a team up.


moonweaver 1234369118

hello, did you find something?


vanportela 1235785491

I was wondering if any of you had found a place to play volleyball? I also have played often in leagues and Im moving to Brussels and would like to keep playing. Please let me know of places to play. Thanks for any information.

samet-129091 1274212971

Hello. Did any of you find a place to play volleyball? I wondered if there is still drop-in volleyball going on at ULB because I'm staying by ULB now. Could anyone let me know if there is a place to play volleyball, please? Thank you much in advance.

kargopo 1345484821


are you still playing volley ball in Brussels?

can you advise me where I can start playing?

I am looking for a team



tuareg-875432 1349709825

Hello, I am planning to move to Bruxelles.

Can you let me known what Volleyball leagues for amateur and what teams there are there?

I am now playing in a mixed team in Italy.



GrinseKatze 1350336505

Hi everybody,

I moved to Brussels a few weeks ago and I am also searching for a volleball team. So please let me know if you found a team or know a team which is open to new members! Thanks in advance for your answer!!!

Kiticka 1394117494

I have just moved to Brussels am looking for a place to train.



I play spiker-blocker position. I am 27 years old, at university I played for my university team and after graduating I had regular trainings once or twice per week.


Do you know about the team where I could train? I do not really care whether it is mixed or only women team, if it is a good level (not necessarily professionals; of course, but fairly good).


Thanks for any piece of advice!



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