started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1350389427 · posted: 1349893097

I'd like to get out into nature to see the autumnal colours. Can anyone recommend some woodland easy to access by public transport from Brussels centre?

started by: rmbayley@shaw.ca · last update: 1348049188 · posted: 1347830952

Does anyone know of an English language walking or hiking club or group near Ixelles or in Brussels? I'm interested in day trips, learning of scenic routes for exercise walks, or just about anything that involves being outdoors and on foot for fitness. 

started by: dennisw-133658 · last update: 1347993321 · posted: 1347993321

Hello, need a graet day out fishing any places to visit let me know...Cheers

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1347534580 · posted: 1347534580

I'd like to join a jogging group to get back in shape after a summer of excess! Any ideas?

started by: dannyv · last update: 1347483744 · posted: 1347035319

Would you like to play 11-a-side football in a fun international environment? Are you a man or a woman between the ages of 16 and 70? If so then come join our football club Fc Irlande. We have 4 men's teams and 2 veteran teams in the amateur football league of Brussels ABSSA. We also have a women's team playing in the KBLVB league.   If you are interested then send an email to recruit@fcirlande.be or follow one of the links to find out more information http://www.fcirlande.org - official website http://www.facebook.com/fcirlande - facebook group Look forward to seeing you on the field.

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1347476643 · posted: 1346778943

Can anyone tell me if there are any fencing clubs in the city please? I have been given a foil for my birthday so I'd like to get started!

started by: samadhya · last update: 1346670890 · posted: 1346670890

Hi, does anyone know of existing craft/creative groups in Brussels? Preferably one involving people who are advanced, or for whom it's more than just a hobby? I work with sewing, quilting and making home textiles and would love to meet more people doing the same here. If there's not an existing group, I'm thinking of starting one myself! Anyone interested?! Aisling

started by: serena-124406 · last update: 1345136367 · posted: 1344349526

I would love to practice yoga outdoors this summer. Does anyone know of a class that takes place in a city centre park for example?

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1344356094 · posted: 1344242550

Hi guys, does anyone know of a riding school offering summer holiday initiations for kids? Mine would love to give it a go! Thanks in advance!

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1343757738 · posted: 1343681077

Hi guys. Does anyone know where it is possible to see Olympic coverage on a large screen?

started by: lilly-124479 · last update: 1342598037 · posted: 1342512469

I am looking for summer day trip ideas with kids from Brussels centre. Can anyone hlep?

started by: Ardele · last update: 1341223632 · posted: 1341223632

Are there any in the Centre of Brussels?

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1339674168 · posted: 1339487722

Where did other Brits go t see the match last night? I'd like to get together with some fellow nationals for the next game!!

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1339595688 · posted: 1339315628

I would like to try out flying a small plane. Do you know of a flight club in our area offering initiation flights please?

started by: Sanmar-133318 · last update: 1338162478 · posted: 1336848410

Hi there, I love playing golf but it is more fun with other players. Are you interested in playing as well, then let me know. Alternatively, if you know of other possibilities to meet other golf enthousiasts, I'd be interested too. Best regards, Mar

started by: saffy-124396 · last update: 1337606771 · posted: 1337379025

Who can recommend a nice pic nic spot in Brussels for this weekend? Bucolic is the key word!

started by: maxd04 · last update: 1336397999 · posted: 1336046998

Hi, Im flying to Brussels with a friend in July for a 3 day music festival in Boom, but our hotel is about 20 mins from the festival.We have tried many times to rent a car, but my friend and I are 18 and 19 and you have to be 21 to rent any car.Does anyone know of a place we could rent a car before that age or even a scooter or motorbike 50cc, in Brussels or maybe Antwepen ?

started by: AlisonJF · last update: 1335533839 · posted: 1332103536

Hi! I'm looking to find people to play tennis with in Brussels. I'm a decent standard - I play for my club back in Edinburgh - and am happy playing singles or doubles. If you fancy a game it would be great to hear from you. Alison

started by: pedro_mephis · last update: 1332862063 · posted: 1332753276

HelloI am currently living in Brussels being on my twenties and I am wondering if I could get any info regarding basketball, or if anyone would be interested in playing basketball.Finding people to go out with at night would also be a plus.Thank youPedro

started by: oscar-130276 · last update: 1332853329 · posted: 1332776044

Does anyone know where I can organise a parachute jump for me and a few friends on a stag do this April please?

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